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  1. No problem! It took me forever to get it figured out, so I hope it can help you guys save some time and headaches.
  2. For the life of me can't get the code on here to show up, but only as what is coded, there is surely a magic button I am missing haha. So I just made a PDF of how I did it. See below. Hope this helps. I haven't tried it with a gif before so let me know if it works for you! https://rauzidesign.squarespace.com/squarespacehack
  3. Bernard West- Is the delay you are referring to on mine? I haven't had any issues on this end with loading. Are you seeing the same problem on my "graphic design" as well, or just the home page?
  4. I do! you can inject code, and have the images link to a hidden disabled page. Here is the example of how I used it: http://www.rauzidesign.com/ Let me know if this looks like what you are looking for, and I can help you with the code.
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