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Hannah Williams

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  1. @creedon that was for something else, I've fixed that :). Your code isn't currently in there as it wasn't working for me.
  2. Hey, In the grand scheme of things there will still be more coloured pages / need for a white logo. With the css I am unsure how this will tell the site that those pages need a different logo image file. It doesn't seem to be working. I currently have the white logo uploaded but need something to say on those pages a different image would appear if that makes sense? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm having the same problem on a couple of my white pages. Each journal page is white as well as the landing page as well as the work page and privacy policy. https://www.feistyfrogstudio.com/journal https://www.feistyfrogstudio.com/work https://www.feistyfrogstudio.com/privacy-policy
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