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  1. It might be helpful to provide a screenshot
  2. so in the first image with the thumbnails, you want it to be a carousel with multiple thumbnails for each project?
  3. Can you provide any screenshots of what you are seeing and/or a link to the site
  4. I don't think that is possible to use a video as a thumbnail. I think your gif idea is probably the best option. I just tried it and it seemed to work for me. What do you mean it was blurring? Gifs are typically very small and low res so that can cause problems. I would try using something like GIF Brewery by Gfycat, that way you can better control the quality. Otherwise, you can try to look for a third-party plugin.
  5. Squarepace does not allow you to nest folders. There are some third party work arounds.
  6. Your other pages are looking good. I think it is just because you don't have any text on your home page. Hopefully adding it to the SEO page will help
  7. Well, you do not have any text on the home page so did you add text to the SEO website description? You can find it in Marketing > SEO, there you can add a description for the home page.
  8. Squarespace does not use this site for feedback or feature requests
  9. You can upload and image and get the direct link to it. You will need to upload it to Squarespace like normal. Not sure what you mean but upload directly.
  10. Do you have AJAX on in the site styles? It can sometimes cause some problems when you make heavy CSS changes
  11. I would check Google Search Console to see what it has to say. You can see if the page has been crawled and if there are any problems If you have not signed up already her is how: Verifying your site with Google Search Console
  12. Hmm I have not used the feature since they started to charge for it now. I feel like this is a question you should be able to ask Customer Care. If they do not give a satisfactory answer make sure to tell them to make it a feature request. Squarespace Customer Care
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