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  1. Jonathan, THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is so helpful and it worked! You just saved me potentially hours of heartache. I definitely made the right choice going with Squarespace instead of Wordpress.
  2. Yes! Thank you! I am still building the site so hopefully you can see this. https://abroadagogo.squarespace.com/expenses/
  3. The banner image on one of my pages makes the page title text hard to read, even if I change the font and font color. I'd rather not change the banner image itself. Is there a way to put a background color behind the page title text so that it pops from the photo, making it easier to read? The font is white so I'd like the background color to be black. I only want this on a couple of page titles, not the whole site. I guess what I'm looking for is something that approximates the text highlight feature in Microsoft Word. I'm using the FIVE template. I'm new at this, so thanks in advan
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