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  1. Site URL: https://www.kbrossphoto.com On the home page, what's causing the white space between the footer and the slideshow gallery above it? The Kids & Family and Newborns pages have the same settings for the gallery and footer, but they don't have this white space. It appears there's just a space between the two sections on the home page. When click on the space, nothing appears to be there. Also, is there a way to make a section have less height? I'd like less space below the text in the footer. Is there a default padding about the text block that I can reduce with CSS? Thanks, Russell
  2. Sorry for the delayed response. I was pulled away on other projects. In my styles settings, all I see at the bottom is RESET STYLES TO DEFAULTS. No buttons for style packs. Do I need some kind of developer status? This is a 7.0 site. Are style packs only 7.1? Thanks, Russell
  3. A friend sent me his style pack so I could see what he was doing in his Wells setup, and I have no idea how to use it. He said I can load it right in Site Styles >> scroll to bottom and there is an import option. However, I don't see it there. Does it require some special access? Thanks, Russell
  4. Site URL: http://russellcbanks.com Is there a way to change the ugly default previous/next buttons in Avenue? Even just simple, black or gray < and >, instead of putting them in gray boxes and reversing them to white. See attached screenshot. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. It looks like the effect I want is done via a "lightbox," which Avenue doesn't offer, so I'll look into templates that can do it. Regards, Russell
  6. Please check out the way images are displayed at https://www.michelearazi.com/Homestead/. Click a thumbnail to see the gallery in action. Based on the source code, it looks like this is built at Smugmug. I like the way the images fill most of the window, and resize without ever cropping. My images are too small. (For example, see https://russellcbanks.com/floating-world) Can I do something like this at Squarespace? I’m currently using the Avenue template on SS 7.0. Thanks, Russell
  7. Thanks. Derrick's suggestion adds the hamburger in the upper right, but of course doesn’t remove the "MENU" link or move the logo to the upper left. Maybe I’ve seen it on non-Squarespace sites. I’ll try to find an example. Best, Russell
  8. Site URL: http://russellcbanks.com An hour of searching the forum and trying a few pieces of code that haven’t worked, so I’m posting the question now: I recall seeing home pages on mobile where the logo is in the upper left, with the Menu link in the upper right, instead of one centered above the other like it is in my Avenue site. (screenshot attached) Is there CSS code for doing that? Thanks, Russell
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