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  1. Hi Tuan, thanks for this.. It would be the headline appearing (static) then on hover the button and description appearing at the moment there is only pic then rest appearing on hover also looking for overlay to change on hover. thanks !!
  2. No this was an example site not built on Squarespace looking to replicate something similar in SS 7.1
  3. Hi there, Looking for some help on doing this : https://valiant.com.au in SqSp - Services section. Wanting to use poster image block and having the description and button appear on hover with the darker overlay. Content to center when hovering. Any thoughts or help would be great - happy to pay too
  4. Site URL: https://www.haslhaus.squarespace.com pw: haslhaus Im updating a 7.0 site using only SS fonts (Commuters Sans , Roboto & Proxima Nova) When in the Site styles the fonts render as they should however when i go to pages in editing mode they render (except Roboto) in Times - i cant work out whats going on or how to resolve. have taken out CSS to see if there is conflict however nothing... Any insights would be great!
  5. Hey Tuan, i didnt figure it out, just ditched the idea of having the tag "new" in the layout.... any ideas for the future would be great...
  6. Site URL: https://atomsmasher.squarespace.com I am using a summary block to display projects and currently have the tags appearing in the top right, however on hover i want a colour background... in the site (password : atomsmasher) with the tag NEW i am trying to reduce the colour overlay to just over the image not the container below. This is happening just when the tag "NEW" is being displayed. I've tried code to reduce only on the tag.. ie a[href="/work?tag=NEW"]{ .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-block-setting-metadata-position-below-content .summary-metadata-container--below-content{ margin-top: -20px !important; } } ..however cant get it going.. any ideas? @tuanphan
  7. Thanks so much @tuanphan worked perfectly! - Always appreciated!
  8. Hi @tuanphan thanks for this, however what i was looking to do was to have all items tagged with "per kilo" to have after the price "per kilo" i have this working in the shop however not in a summary block.. i appreciate the above though
  9. Ok https://thirtytwoacres.squarespace.com pw: 32acres The meat summary block only some are tagged with "per-kilo" which ill put a :after on the price to display "per kilo" just can't target it in the summary block properly. Any help would be great @tuanphan :)
  10. Hi @tuanphan Do you have a generic code for removing specfic prices based on their tag in a summary block?
  11. So as I can’t use the “sold out” or “on sale” classes I thought there could be an alternative but of css/js to use to display only when products are tagged etc. like the 7.0 version
  12. My client is a furniture company where stock is ordered and takes 12 weeks to manufacture and ship. However they have some floor stock they want to promote. Ie. have a label like “ready to ship” etc. so not for every product just certain tagged or categorised products that are ready to ship now. Thanks
  13. Yes @tuanphan - I ended up solving by changing my "width" to "max-width" so it scaled down with screen size...
  14. Hi @paul2009 - Have you got similar bit of code for 7.1? As im trying to do the same to create an "In Stock" status circle on the products... Any help would be great!
  15. Site URL: https://www.igroomhub.com.au/ Hi there, I have a site with side by side circles in a number of locations... looks great on desktop, and on mobile, however on smaller widths the circles overlap.. this happens on multiple parts of the site... Is there a way to force a stack on smaller screens -- flex? etc.. Any help would be great!
  16. Squarespace NEW auto List Sections... So ive been using the new list section feature for header carousels , and testimonials, however on mobile it gets a split screen effect, which through CSS I havent been able to get a work around with... Anyone out there resolved the glitch? TIA!
  17. Site URL: https://www.northcotebakeshop.com.au PRODUCT SUBSCRIPTIONS Hi there ... I have a clients bakery site where they sell bread, milk, eggs etc on weekly subscription, however people aren't able to add multiple items to a cart for subscription (like you do when standard shopping) Has anyone done a work around for being able to add multiple subscription products to a cart then subscribing/checking out? ie. adding 1 baguette, 1 seed loaf, 1 liter of milk per week.. ..otherwise as separate subscriptions they pay 3x shipping per week
  18. I am moving blocks on my screen, and when I do so the screen blanks out. I have tried it on multiple bowsers, devices, and removed CSS and Code to trouble shoot and it still appears. It is also happening on other sites of mine. I'm stuck to find an answer on how to resolve. Any ideas or settings? Untitled.mp4
  19. Hi we manage a few sites, however on one domain form submission emails aren't being received. We have tried everything from white-listing domain etc we get the data sending to Google Sheets fine, however the email notification isn't coming through. Any others encountered form submission emails being blocked or not sent?
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