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  1. I've decided to move forward with a different solution. I would like to have the option to include more under the additional info without it moving up into the product description area. Thanks for your help!
  2. I would like to use up to 3 icons for each product. Each product will display a different combination of icons. For example: Product A displays icons for 'organic' and 'toxic-free', Product B displays icons for 'organic' and 'recyclable', and Product C displays icons for 'sustainable', 'locally made', and 'plastic-free'. The solution needs to be simple for my client to implement, which is why I like the option to tag a product and have the corresponding icon appear. I look forward to hearing your solution! Link: https://www.cultivatemarkets.com/shop/swedish-dish-towel-set-of-two
  3. Here is the url with the icons added to the additional info section. Link: https://www.cultivatemarkets.com/shop/swedish-dish-towel-set-of-two Password: test
  4. Hi, I would like to add multiple icons below the product description. When I add the second icon it replaces the first, I'd like them to show side by side. For some products I may need to add up to 4 icons. Link: https://www.cultivatemarkets.com/shop/swedish-dish-towel-set-of-two Password: test I appreciate any help!!
  5. Site URL: https://www.samanthamadeo.com/brandkits How do I increase the padding around my title in this overlap image block? I want to have the color background behind the title, but the text hits right at the edge. Can I add more space to make the title easier to read?
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