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  1. Hi @noblescott,

    Did you ever figure out how to book a tour on behalf of a group? I am having the same issue and Although I clicked on the checkbox in Customize Appearance, I am having no luck getting the appointment to cooperate.

    Small world: I am building a site for a friend who does Alpaca Treks in Peru!

    Thanks for any advice you might have,




    1. noblescott


      Hi Tim. Sorry for the delay. I've only seen this and needed to remind myself. It looks like I went into Customise Experience > Scheduling Page Options and ticked the "Services, Allow Clients to Book Multiple Slots". This then produces a drop-down on the front end that allows the person to choose the number.

      The site I was working on has just gone live but they're not taking bookings until middle of next month. I suspect we'll need to tweak certain aspects as bookings start to come in.

      Hope that helps. You can find the site I worked on here...www.velvethall-alpacas.co.uk

      Good luck. Scott

  2. Site URL: https://velvethall-alpacas.squarespace.com ***Ignore - found it. It's an option under Customise Appearance. Hi. I have a question for those experienced with Scheduling (Acuity). Is it possible to set it up so that one person can book on behalf of a group of people. I have a client who runs Alpaca Treks and wants to allow people to book for the Trek. The trek is limited to a specific number of people but it could be that a family wants to book, so the person would book 5 spaces for example. It looks like this is not possible or at least I'm not seeing it as an option. I've set it up as a Group/Class but I don't think it goes as far as I need. Thanks in advance.
  3. Many thanks for the detailed response @paul2009. Really useful and thanks for pointing me to your (updated) limitation page. I've just taken this client on after his previous "agency" vanished. His products are very niche, albeit there are loads of them and he sells worldwide so I may look and see if another E-commerce platform would be more suitable. I need it to be easy to use by him but also give him the comfort that it's a robust, well supported platform that he's moving over to. My preference is to try and keep his site similarly designed as is which I'm confident I can do in Squarespace, other platform not so. Thanks for the input though. Scott
  4. Hi everyone. I have a question about product importing on a new site. I have a client who is sitting on a bespoke CMS for his online business and has been left in the lurch by his previous developer. I've recommended he migrates to a better supported platform that can be managed and maintained by him or any Squarespace developer. However, he has 100's of products that would need to be migrated. I've managed to get in to the MySQL database where his products are listed and assume I can export that as a CSV. I also see that I can Import a CSV to an existing product page in Squarespace. If that product Page is blank, can I simply import the exported CSV. I'm assuming I would need to change the column headings of the exported CSV to match the Squarespace headings. But what if there were blank fields, such as SKU. If anyone has any advice on this or has experience of doing similar it would be great to hear from you. I appreciate I don't think images come over as part of any import do that may need to be manual. Thanks in advance.
  5. Fantastic. Works perfectly yet again. Thanks for taking the time @tuanphan. Appreciate it. S
  6. Hi again @tuanphan. Sorry to ask another question but it's kind of related. In mobile view I'm trying to hide the secondary navigation elements and using the method you used above I can't seem to target the relevant children, ie 9, 10, 11 and 12. I managed to test it out with the primary nave elements and it hides them. Do I somehow need to target that this is secondary nav in the CSS somehow? In Google Developer mode it all seems to be lumped in together, ie .Mobile-overlay-nav-item. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Brilliant! Worked a treat, as does "first-child", so that's perfect! Thanks @tuanphan.
  8. Thanks @tuanphan Page is here...https://peebles-community.squarespace.com/pct and password is community. It's the social icons you can see under the banner. I'm just not sure what CSS to use to hide the different icons in the main the last one (which I want to hide on this page) and the first one (which will be hidden on another page), so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi guys. Hoping someone can help here. I have a site where I've added a social block. Without going into too much detail why, I need to have 2 different Facebook links but only show one or the other on certain pages. Does anyone know the CSS required to hide either first or last one? I have it as Facebook, Twitter, Facebook. Or, if anyone knows another way to do this, that would be great. I thought I could just put a different social block on the different pages but it recognises the existing Connections. Thanks in advance.
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