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  1. Hi I used this method and it works really well. I have a English/Hebrew site and still have one issue on mobile that I am trying to solve and that is that I have to rearrange the Hebrew mobile menu, so it also displays from top to bottom like the English menu. The Hebrew menu runs from right to left on the desktop so naturally it displays from bottom to top on mobile, any ideas how I can rearrange the menu for the Herbrew mobile version only? Your replies appreciated.
  2. Right click on your site when in viewing mode not editing mode and then click on 'View page source', if you scroll down to line 234-5 (the line numbers are on the left of your screen) you will find the ID that looks something like this: id="page-5511ec39e4b07319c3fbb678" Use only the numbers!
  3. Hi Used the code and works great. Unfortunately my navigation after hiding pages is not centered now, any idea how this can be corrected,. Your reply appreciated. https://richard-jochum-6paf.squarespace.com/hebrew
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