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  1. I tried playing around with this too—it works great. I'm playing around with different styling options, but they are all thanks to your invaluable help. Again, many thanks.
  2. Great. Thanks again. Still working out the heightStyle issue, but this is all a great place to start. Looks like I'll be resorting to the bold tag—not ideal, but it'll do. I really appreciate all your help.
  3. Second question: 2) I'd also like the drop-down answers to fill the entire frame around them, or rather, have the frame adhere close to the answers. I've tried "heightStyle: content" and "heightStyle: fill," but in both cases, there seems to be a lot of negative space around the shorter answers. How can I change this? Check out the duplicate unlinked page I made to try your code: http://www.firstpersonessaycoaching.com/faq-copy-2
  4. This is great! Thank you! I have a couple of styling questions, though: 1) I'd like h3 (the questions) to be bold, but when I insert "font-weight: bold" it seems to undo the accordion styling. I may be inserting it in the wrong place.
  5. I’m building a site — firstpersonessaycoaching.com — and I’d like to hide the answers to the questions on my FAQ page so that they are revealed when you click on the text of the question. I read Silvabokis’ How to create hide/show FAQs in Squarespace — but I would be out of my depth with jQuery. Would someone be able to suggest another way, or perhaps provide a little more guidance for the jQuery suggestions so that someone with very little experience can do it? Thanks in advance.
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