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  1. Site URL: https://www.elevenaustralia.nl/colour Hi everyone, Curious if we could get an HTML <area> tag to work in Squarespace... Our client has asked to rebuild this page (non SQS): https://elevenaustralia.com/colour/ in the .nl website (SQS) https://www.elevenaustralia.nl/colour. The .com page has an image in which a HTML <area> Tag is used, which makes little text boxes popup while hovering certain areas of the image. See print screen attached. Our client is fine adding the steps in text underneath the visual but since this area tag solution is quite neat,
  2. Hi Flavio, that's indeed how it works and worked for me. Please note carefully one of the last sentences in that description: Once you integrate this with your Squarespace site, you will need to remove the Google Analytics (GA) code you have setup currently. Then add the GA code as a tag inside Google Tag Manager. If you don't do that then your side will not be tracked by Google Analytics. Also make sure you don't have your Google Analytics account number filled in at Squarespace 'external services' because then it will have a duplicate tracking id. So in the end you only have the tag manag
  3. That's awesome kofifus! Thanks a lot! Works perfectly!
  4. @willfindaway If I check your website it seems you were able to solve the problem, weren't you? Really curious how you managed...
  5. @willfindaway @foleyatwork I'm having the same problem as willfindaway. Code works fine on Safari but not on Chrome and Firefox. Setting the banner at a smaller size than 100% covers the Header 1 text placed beneath the banner. Would be awesome to find the solution to this...Thanks a lot! www.diederikgerbranda.com (password: SS2015)
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