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  1. Some of my top navigation has folders with subpages. The folders are clickable to the same page as the first subpage link but don't have to be. When using the keyboard to tab without a mouse, the folders are being skipped over. Only the navigation that are regular links can be reached by tabbing. Is there CSS to add for Bryant / Bedford that will fix this so its accessible without a mouse? I saw some code in the forum for other templates but they didn't work. Also, wondering if there is focus indicator code that will outline it using hsl (0, 93%, 27%)?
  2. Site URL: https://www.bhcpagroup.com/join-our-team I have custom CSS sitewide for regular text links to rollover from burgundy to black: #page a:hover { color: black !important;} I'm not sure if this is causing the rollover text in the buttons to go to gray/black but whatever is the reason, it's hard to read. I'm trying to make the rollover text stay white but still keep the lesser background opacity on the rollover.
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