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  1. Thanks for mentioning it! I had moved the url. It's now fixed.
  2. I've updated the tutorial to include a few examples: Everything: *{ font-family: 'YOUR-FONT-NAME-HERE'; } Headings: h1, h2, h3{ font-family: 'YOUR-FONT-NAME-HERE' !important; } Body text and paragraphs: body, p { font-family: 'YOUR-FONT-NAME-HERE' !important; } Use chrome devtools or google for others. I can also give one-on-one help but of course cannot provide that for free.
  3. This code will make the gallery fixed to the browser even if visitor scrolls which probably isn't something Chloe or others want to do. Elements that are positioned fixed or absolute also disappear from the page flow so other elements will be hidden behind the gallery. If you want the gallery to stay where it was but still be full-width you can use this plugin.
  4. Hi liv r! Here's something you should try out: Short answer You can get a (commercial) plugin that does everything automatically. Here's a link to the full-width squarespace gallery blocks plugin if you're interested. Long answer / DIY Following example only works on one screensize .sqs-gallery-container{ width:100vw !important; position: relative; left: -300px; /*Change the 300px depending on your template*/ } If we were living 10 years ago before smartphones and our website only came in one width we could just use the code above. The code makes the gallery full-width of the browser instead of using the width of any element on the page. The rest moves the gallery to the start from the left edge of the page. The code works with any template, including Beatrice. Unfortunately the code above indeed only works for one screensize so you will need a combination of CSS and quite complex javascript that calculates the margins so it works on every template and regardless of what kind of custom CSS you're using. It must also take care of cross-browser issues and do new calculations if user resizes their browser. I've explained the logic
  5. On my blog I've written a [tutorial How to install custom fonts to Squarespace][1]. If you've installed the fonts but they're still not working make sure to replace http:// with just //. This is the most common cause of errors. Many people have asked me to install custom fonts for their sites and I've done it tens of times. So I also install fonts for clients as a service. If you're uncomfortable tinkering with custom CSS get in touch via my website. I hope this helps!
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