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  1. Site URL: https://www.blackom.com/weekend-of-wellness When you scroll down, each product shows the price underneath the image. For only the "Guest Package Add-Ons" product, I need to hide the "from $140.00". Any help is appreciated.
  2. Site URL: https://www.blackom.com/events-and-retreats For some reason the preview images on the calendar block have stopped showing and I don't know why? If someone could take a look and has a fix, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  3. I need it moved left so that the spacing is somewhat equal to the spacing between the line and icon. See how there's all that space to the left...
  4. I have member areas set up but I need to change the "Access Denied" page to one I've put together. I don't know why Squarespace is so restrictive with the editing of this page. It forces you just enter some button/description text and gives you no editing capabilities of the page itself to add or change anything. The current squarespace generated Access Denied Page(s) - https://www.blackom.com/watch - https://www.blackom.com/read - https://www.blackom.com/listen The page I need it to be or look like - https://www.blackom.com/membership-access This is urgent and any help is appreciated. I'm also going to contact Squarespace about it tomorrow morning but that'll probably amount to nothing.
  5. @bangank36 could you help me with with moving it closer to the word? I tried adjusting the left margin of it but then it ends up overlapping it and altering the text when changing the screen size so I decided not to apply the change.
  6. @tuanphan Did you have a chance to review this? Thanks
  7. @bangank36 Thank you. If you look at it now, could you help me with with moving it closer to the word? I tried adjusting the left margin of it but then it ends up overlapping it and altering the text when changing the screen size.
  8. Site URL: https://www.blackom.com/about How can I change the Audio Player icon?...For only the specific block shown on the page I linked. I'd like it to be something like this below instead, but 1-color.
  9. @TonyBabarino The Archive block under Filters & Lists
  10. Any help is appreciated, as I'm not good when it comes to code for screen size adjustments.
  11. Site URL: https://bronze-seadragon-pc7c.squarespace.com/ I recently purchased a 27" iMac and have been doing my work on it. Previously, I did most of my work on a 15.4" Macbook Pro and sometimes a 21.5" iMac. I'm having a very annoying issue with the 27" iMac. Every time I design a Squarespace site with it, the sites end up looking absolutely awful on normal and smaller screen sizes but looks great on the 27". Then I have to go on a laptop and change everything but then everything on the site is a lot smaller and spaced out on the 27" iMac. Can someone help me with some display code so that I can keep the way it looks on the 27" iMac and then have it change for smaller screens? Example Site PW: goldbess2020 Right now I have the site setup to look good on 27" iMac. When viewing on smaller screens, notice how content is either too large and/or full width. When I bring in the content width to Medium, and then make H2 text H3 instead, the site looks good on smaller screens. But then viewing on the 27" iMac, everything is too small.
  12. Hey Tuanphan, links are already posted in question
  13. I'm setting up the new Members Area feature/function and there are no edit design options for the Access Denied Screen. I don't like how it constrains the text to that small area https://www.blackom.com/watch I'm trying to make it more spread out like this example page https://www.blackom.com/membership-access but having trouble with getting the code right. Can anyone help? (the lock image isn't necessarily needed btw)
  14. @tuanphan corrected links at top of question incase they were blocked when you were viewing
  15. I have this Pagination code below in the footer code injection, along with some javascript (not shown), that gives me pagination on blog pages. Is there a way to get this to work for Summary blocks that list those blog posts? https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch/ <script> window.paginationPluginConfig = { containers: { '.blog-list,.BlogList, .view-list .page-section[class*="collection-type-blog-"] div[data-controller]': { // classnames of containers where we want to have a pagination place: 'append', //or use prepend to place block on top backgroundColor: 'transparent', margin: '3% 0', align: 'center', // align pagination padding: '0', showPrevNext: { //will show next/prev elements next: 'Next', //next link text prev: 'Prev' //previous link text }, pagesRange: 3, //show 4 first and 4 last pages pagesAround: 2, //show links around active page items: { style: 'square', //square, pillow width: '32px', //navigation item width margin: '20px', //navigation items margin backgroundColor: '#fff', //default background color activeBackgroundColor: '#555', //active item background color color: '#000', // default items text color activeColor: '#fff' //active items text color } } } }; </script>
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