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  1. Any help is appreciated, as I'm not good when it comes to code for screen size adjustments.
  2. Site URL: https://bronze-seadragon-pc7c.squarespace.com/ I recently purchased a 27" iMac and have been doing my work on it. Previously, I did most of my work on a 15.4" Macbook Pro and sometimes a 21.5" iMac. I'm having a very annoying issue with the 27" iMac. Every time I design a Squarespace site with it, the sites end up looking absolutely awful on normal and smaller screen sizes but looks great on the 27". Then I have to go on a laptop and change everything but then everything on the site is a lot smaller and spaced out on the 27" iMac. Can someone help me with some display cod
  3. Hey Tuanphan, links are already posted in question
  4. I'm setting up the new Members Area feature/function and there are no edit design options for the Access Denied Screen. I don't like how it constrains the text to that small area https://www.blackom.com/watch I'm trying to make it more spread out like this example page https://www.blackom.com/membership-access but having trouble with getting the code right. Can anyone help? (the lock image isn't necessarily needed btw)
  5. @tuanphan corrected links at top of question incase they were blocked when you were viewing
  6. I have this Pagination code below in the footer code injection, along with some javascript (not shown), that gives me pagination on blog pages. Is there a way to get this to work for Summary blocks that list those blog posts? https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch/ <script> window.paginationPluginConfig = { containers: { '.blog-list,.BlogList, .view-list .page-section[class*="collection-type-blog-"] div[data-controller]': { // classnames of containers where we want to have a pagination place: 'append', //or use prepend to place b
  7. It's just Archive block dropdowns with a tweak. Videos are posted to a blog page and the archive block filters categories from those posts. However, to have 3 separate dropdowns with specific categories, I had to hide unwanted options from each. (Ex. For Instructor dropdown, I had to hide all the options that are associated with the Category dropdown and the Length dropdown. Then vice versa, otherwise each dropdown would show all the same options and be indiscernible)
  8. @tuanphan When resizing the browser window of the blog page, it just makes the blog content smaller instead of staying the same and reorganizing it. How can I make it so it doesn't resize and instead reorganizes like the Watch page does?
  9. @tuanphan I've figured out how to change the width/padding so I'm all set with that. However, when resizing the browser window of the blog page, it just makes the blog content smaller instead of staying the same and reorganizing it. How can I make it so it doesn't do that? (See examples of two different window sizes.
  10. @tuanphan do you see what I mean?
  11. @tuanphan do you see what I mean?
  12. How can I hide the tag from showing on the bottom of each blog post? I have 2 different blogs so I need it to only hide for this blog using the page's code-injection
  13. No, I guess I'm referencing the padding/margin of the them. The spacing & sizing of how the content is displayed on the two pages that I mentioned, is different from each other. Can you see what I mean?
  14. On https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch I use a summary block for videos I host within a blog page. When you select a filter option from one of the dropdowns, or if you click on a category below the video, it will take you to the blog page with the filtered videos. The issue is that the layout/spacing of the content is different than the summary block. I want them to look the same. How can I get https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/video to be laid out the same as https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/watch
  15. Is there a way to add pagination or a "load more" function to a summary block?
  16. @tuanphan I came across this topic and I'm trying to accomplish the same. I need to split the navigation menu to the left and right of the centered logo. Right now, it's just on the left. I wish Squarespace had the option to do it along with the other nav header layouts they have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Site: https://active-redesign-1.squarespace.com/ PW: blackom2020
  17. Site URL: https://leanexecs.com/ On the homepage, scroll down to the 2 quote blocks. Above each name source is a dash. I've located the dash on Chrome Inspect but it's just labeled as #text that is within each block (block-yui_3_17_2_1_1587776879094_8710 and block-yui_3_17_2_1_1587776784679_8417) So when I try to hide it, the only way I can ends up hiding the entire name source or the entire block. How can I remove those dashes in each quote block?
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