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    emalu got a reaction from Beyondspace in Where 'Use Existing Gallery' in 7.1?   
    Hi Tuan,
    Do you have a direct link for this — I'm not finding it. Thanks in advance.
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    emalu reacted to annferrera in How to move projects between portfolios in 7.1   
    Still not possible? How is this different from moving products between stores? 
    This is very frustrating, I must say... 
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    emalu reacted to CoorlasArchitecture in How to move projects between portfolios in 7.1   
    Good Grief. So many oversights. I know there's a lot to program/code, but SS has some major misses...
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    emalu reacted to DanielRyanReiff in 503 service unavailable (29 June 2023)   
    Squarespace is having another outage today, but they won't update the status page.
    They had a three-hour outage yesterday and were very late in updating the status page (conveniently not until I complained to support about the status page). 
    This is happening way too frequently, I constantly get complaints from my clients about unreported outages. 
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    emalu reacted to tuanphan in Having ridiculous issues with logo image in header   
    You can follow this to share site url, if site in trial/unpublished
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    emalu reacted to hellohappy in How to get navigation bar on one line   
    hi! can someone help? trying to get ours on one line too. 
    tried the custom css code above, but it didn't seem to work?

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    emalu reacted to designbyjrs in How do I target a specific link in the main menu with CSS?   
    It worked!! Thank you Tuanphan, you coding legend.
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    emalu reacted to Joyanna in Create product bundle in store   
    I’m trying to add item to store which would be a bundle / package easter deal , included in it are items already listed in the store, in this case a trilogy of books and T -shirt
    You can only create one variable? I guess that would be for the T’s
    also tge trilogy comes in English or Spanish
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    emalu reacted to midnightumbrella in Subdomain Superhero   
    Hey @paul2009! Appreciate your reply, and patience with me trying to put words to what I’m looking to do.
    I have one project page of my site whose content is radically different than the rest of the site. I can’t justify purchasing an entirely separate Squarespace site just for this one project, so I was hoping there might be a way to use one of my extra Squarespace-managed domains to point to the project’s existing page, while having the extra domain’s URL displayed in the browser.
    I appreciate the help!    
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    emalu reacted to momallo in Don't show current blog post in summary block   
    Site URL: https://tomato-hibiscus-5kcf.squarespace.com/stories/born-to-lead
    Hello! I would like to include a summary block on my blog posts that links to "Related Stories"  I can't seem to find a way to remove the current blog post from the summary  block. I've tried some codes that I've found here, changing categories around etc, but none have worked for me. There are hundreds of stories and blog posts to transfer over so it would be very helpful if it was site-wide. Why this isn't an option from Squarespace, I don't know...Can anyone help me out? @tuanphan
    password: Magnolia
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    emalu reacted to lh-design-07 in Cannot edit blog title   
    We're having this problem too - all of a sudden can't edit the title - it doesn't give you the option!
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    emalu reacted to ConflictGames in Selling a Physical Product that comes with a Digital Download (digital product)   
    Are you kidding me?
    Does Squarespace realize they are in a competitive space and their competitors have this functionality.  This prevents a lot of businesses to package and bundle their goods and, for me at least, is a great motivation to move to shopify. 
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    emalu reacted to ConflictGames in Selling a Physical Product that comes with a Digital Download (digital product)   
    two years and we still don't have this functionality? 
    Can someone update this thread? 
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    emalu reacted to Janaka in Selling a Physical Product that comes with a Digital Download (digital product)   
    Just adding my up vote for this feature request. It seems like a pretty fundamental ecommerce requirement at this point and honestly has me wondering if I need to migrate my site to a different platform so that I can offer my customers a digital download with their physical purchase, like many of my competitors do.
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    emalu reacted to LRKR in Selling a Physical Product that comes with a Digital Download (digital product)   
    I need this functionality, too. Just had a sale where I had to manually send the digital portion of the bundle, which doesn't work at scale. Any updates here, @srodrigues ? Thanks!
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    emalu reacted to FittoFlye in Selling a Physical Product that comes with a Digital Download (digital product)   
    Hello! that is helpful but doesn't solve one issue. I do not want to sell the physical product without the digital product. Is there a way to have the digital product cost $0, but not display on my shop? or that it comes to $0 when added to the cart?
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    emalu reacted to Leo_Fotis in Website Copy That Can't Be Copied.   
    Hi guys, 
    I tried the above mentioned code snippet in my website and worked like a charm, adding as suggested, the <script> & </script> tags. 
    Our website is www.geopsis.com
    The specific blog page we wanted to disable select text is this: https://www.geopsis.com/news-blog 
    In effect, the code helped discouraging potential copying and pasting of parts or all of our articles, which is the point of this whole thread. Replying to Paul above, naturally if one is determined to take an hour and write in a blank document what they see and read, nobody can prevent them. However most of the illegal copying and pasting on the internet -thus depriving you of the real credits of your work, which is traffic at your site and your article-, happens because people can simply copy and paste what they see. 
    To make things easier, here is the code snippet complete with the tags: 
    <script> function disableselect(e) { return false; } function reEnable() { return true; } document.onselectstart = new Function("return false"); if (window.sidebar) { document.onmousedown = disableselect; document.onclick = reEnable; } </script> Additionally, let me add that if one really wants to copy your content, then they might as will try and print the page in .pdf format from Chrome / other browsers. For the moment I haven't found any code to disable print from web browser, but I will update this post if I do. 
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    emalu reacted to Xaander in Website Copy That Can't Be Copied.   
    While I appreciate the reply, this did not answer my questions.  What are the ways to disable the copy option and to disable text selection?  If you have code injection text for these, please provide it or point to someone knowledgable who can.  Thank you.  
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    emalu reacted to Xaander in Website Copy That Can't Be Copied.   
    @paul2009 I also would be interested in knowing more of the possibilities for making text and content harder to steal.  Blanket dismissal of the possible defenses because someone can ultimately get around them isn't helpful.  Is there text that can be utilized in code injection to disable text selection on a Squarespace site and blog posts?  Word Press and others have ways to do it.  If you could please provide text for disabling the copy command and text selection, that would be appreciated.
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    emalu reacted to raeroshow in Squarespace page editor - constant lagging and other issues   
    I thought I'd +1 to this topic. I've been working on a 7.1 site and for the past half hour, I've been getting the "Couldn't Save Information" error (screenshot attached) every time I save an edited blog post. It's slowing down my work process and driving me nuts. Would love to get some eyes on this! 
    Steps to replicate issue: 
    Open a blog post Edit the blog post in any way (either in Settings or in the post itself.)  Save. Then I get the error.
    Then... I have to reload the page and scroll, scroll, scroll until I find my place again. Thanks!

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    emalu got a reaction from caseyaltman in Where 'Use Existing Gallery' in 7.1?   
    The problem is that guide isn't helpful at all in that there are still *zero* collections available to pull from, images can only be loaded one at a time, and there's no way to fully optimize gallery images for SEO like we could/can in 7.0.
    I've tried @bangank36/'s workaround but can't get it to work or don't understand what it's supposed to do. I've reached out to him, he said it's installed correctly, but it changes nothing that I can see? Waiting to hear back from him.
    What on earth is SQSP thinking removing this feature. I have 2 projects with gallery heavy content to develop and this has set back production — by a lot.
    So frustrating! Help? Anyone?
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    emalu got a reaction from EarvinChong in Product / Store Page Sort   
    In 7.0 this may be the case (and even it is clunky to a degree, but for smaller stores I am fine with it) but 7.1? No. Every complaint on this page resonates soundly with my experiences and agree that Squarespace needs to address this severely lacking platform, especially WRT to eCommerce sites.
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    emalu reacted to Ehawk in Member Area: Is there a way use the same page in a free and subscirption area and control access to content?   
    I am creating two member areas for a new business.  One is free, the other will be accessed through a monthly subscription.  The free member area will include some of the same content as the monthly subscription area.  Is there a way to use the same page/files and only allow access to some of the content on that page (much of it is presented in summary blocks from a blog page).  For example, gray it out or put a lock icon on it.  I'd love to not have to duplicate content and also to allow people a peak at what they would get as part of the subscription.
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    emalu reacted to Francisbean21 in Comment Function on blog   
    Hi, I'm in the process of publishing my blog and I was trying to add comments to my blog post. I have them enabled globally as well as on the actual blog post. The number of comments shows up as well as the filter "newest posts" but the actual box where you write and post the comment isn't showing up. I tried refreshing the page but that didn't do anything. Would anyone be able to help me with this issue please?
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    emalu reacted to LaunchTheDamnThing in Questions Re: Squarekicker Use as a Designer   
    The co-owners Nick & Hannah are wonderful! I've had many interactions with them through email & social media and their recent webinar was awesome, giving us a chance to give them real-time feedback & ask questions live. The SK team is always extremely receptive to feedback and always happy to help if I have a question, any time.
    As a long-time user myself (I've used it for over a year now, having signed up to try the Beta version when they first launched last fall & just renewed my plan this month), I'll answer your questions with my own experience & opinions:
    Site handoff can still be easy, even if I used SquareKicker! While designing, I try to be conscious of whether I think the client will want to perform edits in SK after handoff or not, and then use that to decide which types of edits I make with SK so they don't cause confusion down the road, as the one downside is that there's not really a visible sign that a block has been edited by SK until you open the SK editor so it can be hard for clients to know whether to edit a style in Site Styles or SK. That said: My clients don't tend to be in industries that keep their site's content updated as often as I do, and so they don't tend to want to edit design stuff after handoff, just content; they also don't want the subscription or to learn an additional thing. I teach my client the how-tos of basic edits & content updates in Squarespace, then remove the site from the Active list in my SquareKicker account so it no longer counts toward my 10 Active sites. If the client needs an adjustment to something I've edited using SK, then I put it back in the Active list, make the changes & once the client is satisfied, I move it back to Inactive. Easy peasy. IF the client DOES want to use SK to edit themselves & take over the subscription, that's easy as well: simply email Nick & tell him specifically what Squarespace website url you need transferred & share the email the client used to signed up for their free trial of SK. Nick transfers the code/changes made with SK and the ownership of the plugin to the client's SK account FOR us; this removes it from my entire site list, gives client full access & they can choose what plan they want, while keeping the changes I made with it & the ability to make further changes themselves. If the client's subscription lapses, the design changes STAY, but further changes aren't allowed until the subscription is active again.
      SK's subscription cost for clients: Of course! I just explain that SK gives them more design power which will help their site be more unique, but it's an external plugin not native to Squarespace. If they want to use it themselves or have ownership of how it works, they can opt to pay for it longterm (annually) or month-by-month as needed, subscribing & cancelling the subscription when they need to use it & when they don't. It doesn't have to be an ongoing cost, which is nice! A happy side effect of keeping their site in my SK site list, is that I essentially take on the cost as I'm paying for the Designer Plan which allows 10 active sites regardless of what they decide, and I can keep their site in my Active or Inactive list as needed. Inactive sites don't count toward my Active 10, so I rarely reach the limit, but I do typically have 3-5 Active at any given time.
      On your last concern about not being a "real designer" if you use a tool like SquareKicker, that's just BS and/or imposter syndrome making you second guess yourself! I daresay anyone can say that about anyone, regardless of whether they used a tool like SK or not –just based on a judgment of skills & what was done in the design, alone. 😂 In fact, I recently had a client reach out who'd had their site designed IN Sqsp 2-3 years ago and I've NEVER seen a Sqsp site look so much like something that originated in the late 90s or early 00s. I honestly had no idea Sqsp sites could even look that dated & with a severe lack of design strategy, –and yes I definitely judged the designer a bit! Here's a few things that actually matter, regarding this argument though: 1) You are a designer if you did the work, the work is functional for the client, the finished product ultimately helped their business, you got paid to do it, and the client is happy. That's really all that matters. 2) Design & Development are 2 completely different things. I am a "web designer"  and I'm confident in that title; while I can write basic HTML and CSS, I would not call myself (& don't want to be) a "web developer" & that's okay with me! There is a place for both. 3) The nature of how the Sqsp platform works means that more extreme customizations HAVE to be coded in, because it's not included in the native features. Whether or not you write the code yourself points more toward whether or not you've ALSO got some development skills. 4) Anything that saves time is gold to people who work with clients 1:1, because our time is literally money, whether that means automations used in our CRMs or tools like SK –both save us time, but one wouldn't mock us for saving time writing emails or reminders to clients manually when we can automate that & save time. Same deal with using SK; it accomplishes the same task, but faster. 5) I think SK works for many levels of designers, who know coding basics, who can code sites from the ground up, or can't write code at all, which is pretty amazing. Those who would scoff at it or make fun of "us" for using it, etc likely aren't designing on Sqsp to begin with, so I wouldn't let this worry you. I've used it for over a year myself, and some of the changes I make with it, I could write myself but the fact that I don't have to is nice! 6) I'd argue that using SK to make custom changes can actually be smarter than writing the code ourselves if the client isn't on a site maintenance package with you, because if Sqsp changes the code on their backend and our custom code stops working because of that change, it's because the static code written won't update itself; the customization may break resulting in a panicked client request to fix it. BUT if we use SK for stuff like that, this is something they stay on top of for us, so as the code changes on Sqsp's end, SK will quickly update the way the plugin implements those design changes, which keeps things from breaking, and our clients from panicking that something looks wrong or doesn't work/display/whatever. 🙌🏻 7) I also do subcontract work for another Sqsp designer who also uses it for her clients as well, and when I build the sites for her (& also use SK during the build), I just handoff ownership of that site's SK plugin to her when the build is done and she chooses whether to keep the site in her plan or pass off to her client. So never doubt that "real" designers are using it in the wild! lol Hope that helps! 😄
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