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    tcp13 reacted to Jolsonphotography in Improving Accessibility Score - Links and Buttons Do Not Have Accessible/Discernible Name - Help!   
    Hey John,
    I've wrote up a short script that should solve your problem, I've included it in this blog post I wrote explaining how to solve the accessibility button issue: https://jolsonweddings.com/education/squarespace-buttons-accessible-name
    In short, you just have to add some extra HTML to your footer to give the buttons Aria-labels.
    Good luck!
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    tcp13 reacted to paul2009 in Announcement Bar (Animation)   
    If you are trying to engage your audience, I encourage you to look at alternative design options in preference to anything that blinks or flashes. If not used properly, you could alienate the very people you want to attract. It can also be a problem for users with disabilities and is frowned upon by several accessibility standards.
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    tcp13 reacted to colin.irwin in Can I align both left and right for bodytext?   
    Are you referring to fully justified text?
    If so, I would warn you against using it. Justified text on screens reduces the ability of all people, but especially dyslexics and people using screens readers, to read and understand copy. 
    There is a wealth of research to support this.
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