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  1. Hi Bardum, Did you get any info on this? I have been resizing a lot of images on one of my sites and renamed them but have a lot of 'image-asset' as well. Have you found any other posts on this on the forum? Vincent
  2. Site URL: https://operabeds.com/cart I am in the process of setting up a website and ecommerce site for a company in the UK healthcare industry. Some charities and private indivuduals are VAT exempt as long as they declare that at the point of sale (see axample screenshot from a Shopify site). Shortly after advising the customer to use the Squarespace platfom (for reasons of Design, SEO and the fact that I am very familiar with it), they asked me to check if the platform could deal with VAT exemptions. The support site says it can't be done and I also read on the forum that quite a few UK Squarespace site are currently struggling to adapt their site to shipping to the EU without VAT. Is there a way around it with costom code? Does anyone know if squarespavce is working on this or do i need to look for another platform? Hope you can help Vincent
  3. Hi Christy, Thanks for that, very helpfull. I was just looking for that information for a new website that I want to get live shortly (haven't started yet) about how 'we' are gonna get back to work in the office environment and keeping social distancing in place. This will be a new website in the UK where people can share practical solutions for the 'six feet office' environment, so it will get a lot of external links. I will do a little test now to see how it works! Vincent
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