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  1. Site URL: https://www.nicknytz.com Hi, I have been scouring through the forums and the internet and I have not found a solution to justify text on your website that works for all browsers. Before I rebuild my website, I used the custom code CC and injected additional code for each page--code included below: Custom CSS justify text div { text-align: justify; } Injected code for each page <style> div { text-align:justify; } </style> After I rebuilt my website, I used the code that I have been using for years but now it does not work for all browsers--as the time of writing this. The code only works on the chrome browser. I have tried other methods with no avail. The template i am using is Montauk on version Squarespace 7.0. Thank you for your help! Happy Holidays! Stay Safe! Nicholas
  2. Hi Squarespace Community, I am rebuilding my website and I wanted to use gifs on one of the webpages that I am currently constructing. I was wondering if there is a way to turn off the infinite loop on a gif. I would like the gif to go through a cycle once and then stop on the last frame. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and solutions! Thanks for your help! Best, Nick
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