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Community Answers

  1. paul2009's post in Extending the time limit for digital downloads was marked as the answer   
    Although digital download links expire 24 hours after they are issued, if customers click their link after it has expired, Squarespace now automatically resend a new link.
  2. paul2009's post in HEADER ISSUE WHEN EDITING VIEWING MOBILE SITE (squarespace issue /* Hide prices on Squarespace Brine template - by Soundfocus Digita) was marked as the answer   
    It looks like someone has incorrectly added this code to your Code Injection area instead of the Custom CSS area. You can remove it by going to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.
  3. paul2009's post in Logo url redirect not working was marked as the answer   
    Your snippet of code is using an old version of jQuery that has security vulnerabilities and will slow down your site. I recommend you replace this with some plain JavaScript, which will need to be added to the Code Injection Footer.
    As an example:
    Remove the original code (above) if you have not already done so. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. Scroll down to the FOOTER injection box and then paste the following instead: <script>   document.querySelector('.logo-image a').setAttribute('href', '/creative');   document.querySelector('.mobile-logo-image a').setAttribute('href', '/creative'); </script> Let me know how you get on.
    1. This is for the York family of templates on Squarespace 7.0 only
    2. This will only work if the site title is an image. If the site title is text only, the selector will need to be amended.
    3. The example changes the site logo's link to "/creative" instead of the default home page.
    4. This solution does not require jQuery.
  4. paul2009's post in Limit customers to one discount was marked as the answer   
    Although there are some rules that prevent some discount types from being combined, the examples above cannot be prevented.
    Squarespace’s advice is to only offer one or two promotions at a time to ensure that customers can't "stack" discounts on the same order. For more information on how discounts can and can’t be combined, see Managing Discounts.

    There is nothing that the community can do to change this, and Squarespace do not respond to feature requests via this forum, so to make a feature request, contact Squarespace Customer Care. 
  5. paul2009's post in Unable to add an additional G suite user via Squarespace was marked as the answer   
    I recommend you get in touch with Squarespace Customer Care as they can help you to troubleshoot this. You can reach out to them here.
  6. paul2009's post in Is Revolut Merchant a payment processor with Square Space? was marked as the answer   
    It is not possible to use any other payment processor with Squarespace Commerce, including Revolut.
    If you want to use any of Squarespace's commerce features like inventory tracking, cart, checkout, order notifications, shipping and so on, you can only use PayPal or Stripe for online sales. 
  7. paul2009's post in I recall they used to have a few sample sites for each template. Are those still available somewhere on the site? I'm just getting started using the Bergen Template. Thanks. was marked as the answer   
    On Squarespace 7.0 there were different template families, each with different features.
    On Squarespace 7.1 things are slightly different because there's only one template. "Bergen" is just one of the many starting points, showing you one way of styling your site, so in effect, all the designs that you see at https://www.squarespace.com/templates/browse/topic/all-templates are sample sites for your "template".
  8. paul2009's post in My embed block iframe code does not work. Any ideas? was marked as the answer   
    That confirms that the issue is as I suspected.
    I suggest you approach the other company to ask them when their site will be upgraded to be secure (SSL/HTTPS). When they allow https, the iframe will work.
    The only other alternative is to downgrade your site's security - but I recommend against doing this as it's really important for security. So important in fact, that Google actually punishes websites that don’t use https by pushing them down in the rankings.
  9. paul2009's post in Can you remove "###" from phone number input field in contact form? was marked as the answer   
    As the site appears to be based in Ireland, it will be better to replace the fixed Phone field with a standard Text field called 'Phone' instead.
    The Squarespace Phone field only allows visitors to input phone numbers in the North American format, which is why the hint (###) ### #### is included.  It wouldn't be possible for many Irish telephone numbers to be entered using the current field type. For example, this Wicklow number would be invalid: (0404) 20100.
  10. paul2009's post in Filtering blog posts was marked as the answer   
    You can add categories or tags to individual blog posts and then add a link to your navigation that shows the blog but filtered by the category or tag required.
    In the Create New Page menu, select Link.
    In the link editor, give the new link a title and then type a link to your blog like this:

    The screenshot above assumes that your blog is called 'blog' and you've added a category called "health". You can change these to match your requirements.
  11. paul2009's post in Refund please, im desesperate was marked as the answer   
    You must contact Squarespace Customer Care. You can reach out to them here.
    No-one on this forum can help you with your account. 
  12. paul2009's post in H3 Font Option Not in Site Styles was marked as the answer   
    The Site Styles panel is dynamic. You'll need to have some H3 text on the page you are previewing for it to appear as an option in the Site Styles panel.
    If you close the panel and add some H3 text to the page, the option should appear when you re-open the panel.
  13. paul2009's post in There is a problem with the viewing size of my website banner on the mobile side was marked as the answer   
    You'll have problems with these images at all resolutions because of the embedded text. It's better to add the text with titles and descriptions so that the size can be adjusted for different sized devices.
    However, to answer your question, you can adjust the size of the slideshow images on mobile by adding the following to Design > Custom CSS and adjusting as necessary.
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow[data-width="full-bleed"] {     height: 24vh !important;   } }
  14. paul2009's post in Adding Subscription Option as a Product Variant was marked as the answer   
    It depends what you mean by pay in installments.
    If you are using AfterPay to allow customers to pay in installments, this option will appear at checkout, giving customers the option to pay in full or use AfterPay (subject to their approval).
    If you are referring to Subscription Products, these are managed separately on Squarespace and don't even use the same checkout. If a Subscription Product is added to the cart, the customer will be forced to checkout with this separately. For this reason, Subscription Products must be separate. It isn't possible to add a subscription variant to a Physical or Service Product.
    However, if you have a Subscription Product and a separate Physical/Service Product, you could use some custom code to display the subscription option as a button beside the standard add to cart button, so that customers see 'One Time Purchase' and 'Subscribe and Save' options together.
  15. paul2009's post in Custom CSS working only when in editor mode was marked as the answer   
    This usually happens when the browser fails to load the Squarespace CSS file (site.css) correctly. This usually happens for one of three reasons:
    Errors in your Custom CSS that prevent it saving/loading. You can resolve this by replacing your Custom CSS with a few simple lines of CSS for testing purposes. If this is applied correctly, your Custom CSS was at fault. Errors in the browser cache. This can be cleared with a hard refresh (Cmd ⌘ and Shift ⇧ + R on Mac). Errors in the site cache on the Squarespace backend. If this is the issue (the other two suggestions didn't fix it) then you'll need to contact Squarespace Customer Care and ask them to clear the site cache.
  16. paul2009's post in FORM SUBMISSIONS ----- was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like you have the 'conversation mode' enabled in your email inbox.
    As the form submissions have the same title and will come from the same (Squarespace) email address, your email client is treating them all as if they are from the same email thread. If you disable the conversation mode, they'll appear individually.
    The instructions to disable this will depend on your email provider and/or email application. If you're using Gmail in a browser, you can view the setting by following these steps:
    Click Settings in the top-right corner. 
    Click See all settings.
    Scroll down to the Email Threading section.
    Uncheck the box for Conversation view.
  17. paul2009's post in How can I limit inventory of digital products? was marked as the answer   
    Squarespace defines Digital products as files that the customer can download. For example, a PDF, JPEG or ZIP file. As electronic files can be downloaded an infinite number of times, you cannot change the stock level.
    To manage the inventory of a product you must add the product as a Service product instead, and then manually send the digital product to the customer. 
  18. paul2009's post in ssl & third party domain was marked as the answer   
    The SSL certificate will be generated when the domain has connected correctly.
  19. paul2009's post in [SOLVED] Disable Hyperlink on Checkout / Cart Page Page in 7.1 was marked as the answer   
    You appear to have Express Checkout enabled, so the cart will be skipped currently. However, if the cart were enabled, you could disable pointer-events with this:
    #sqs-cart-root ._1MDgZZPKX a {   pointer-events: none; }  
  20. paul2009's post in Who receives new order email notification - Internally was marked as the answer   
    Contributors with "Site Owner", "Administrator" or "Store Manager" receive automated email notifications from Squarespace about Orders and Donations. If you've added someone with these permissions, you cannot control whether they receive these emails. However, they can choose to enable or disable them on a site-by-site basis from their account page.
    To do this, they can visit their profile page and then click on Notifications. There are options for each site they contribute to. For more information, see Editing your contributor profile.
      If this helps you, please click "Like" below  ⬇️
  21. paul2009's post in Product Scarcity Styling on Cart Page was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately, Squarespace recently changed all the cart selectors, giving them almost 'random' classes that make no sense.
    For the time being (further changes to the cart are planned!), the limited availability label has the class "_2-zpFeg7a", so you can style it by adding this to Design > Custom CSS:
    ._2-zpFeg7a {     color: black!important;     font-size: 12px!important; } This won't take effect immediately. You'll need to save the changes and then refresh the page (Cmd-R or F5) before you'll see the changes.
  22. paul2009's post in Have "sold out" appear on product that is sold out was marked as the answer   
    As you are using a Brine-family Squarespace 7.0 template, first check that Sold Out Badges are enabled:
    Visit the Product List page at https://www.jivamorelife.com/shop Open the Site Styles panel by going to Design > Site Styles In the list of styles look for Products: Status Badges  Choose a style other than None.
  23. paul2009's post in File Downloads bigger than 20MB was marked as the answer   
    We're waiting for Squarespace to increase the file limit. Until they do this, the only way around this is to use a third party storage provider like Google Drive. You said you'd prefer not to use this, but there are no 'Squarespace' code solutions available.
  24. paul2009's post in Syntax Error on Line 1 was marked as the answer   
    The brackets should be curly braces like this:
    {} not ()
  25. paul2009's post in Show available inventory for service products, while limiting to one service product at a time was marked as the answer   
    I've provided you with a solution that will allow you to add messaging like "Only X slots available!" to product detail pages. There are built-in options to:
    change the message to whatever you need show singular and plural messages ("1 slot", "2 slots" and so on) prevent the message appearing if there are 'many' places available. For example, you may want it to only appear when there are less than 10 slots available.
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