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  1. I'm trying to build a small commerce store on my website. Shipping for each item individually is $6, but combined would be $10 to ship both. How do I implement this sort of scheme into my shipping? Even though I have both items currently set at $6 each, when I added both items to the cart, it said that the shipping was only going to be $6. Thanks for your help! : )
  2. I need some help with my homepage. I believe the home layout I'm using is called "Cover". Originally, I had my name "BRYSON PRICE" typed. I wanted to add a custom font, so I uploaded an image (background image), but now that image does not scale when browsing on a mobile device. How can I make the image scale when browsing on various devices? Thank you so much for you time :D Website: BrysonPrice.com
  3. Thanks for your help Bernard! Can we correspond through email? It might be quicker...I can email you or you feel free to email me to keep your address private: BrysonPriceMusic@gmail.com
  4. @BernardWest Are you familiar with how to do this? Or point me somewhere that I could read up on it?
  5. @Alxfyv If the image is coded in HTML, could we use HTML to change the image upon hovering? I've been meaning to tell you that I really like that "back pulse" transition on the Hover.css page!
  6. Bernard, on that link, I'm not seeing an effect. The "output" section is blank
  7. @BernardWest Thanks man:) Where do I paste the code from the jsbin website?
  8. @Alxfyv I haven't created the replacement rollover image yet. But the original image URLs on my contact page are named 'twitter' 'instagram' 'facebook' 'youtube' (found in page settings under 'edit content' URL). Is that what you mean?
  9. @alxfyv I found this link, but I'm not really sure how to apply it to my website due to my lack of website skills. CSS hover effect I thought some of the items on the Hover.css link were great, but I really need the image swap for this one due to the shape of the icon.
  10. @bernardWest thanks for your reply! I must have missed it. So does that mean that because it is JavaScript, it can't be recreated with CSS? I will check that link u posted as well
  11. @Alxfyv I tried the code out and see how it looks: BrysonPrice.com/Contact I like how it looks ok, but I don't like how you can see the image is square. Do you know of a code to replace the current image with another image? Or even just invert the colors of that image (kinda how my 'submit button' is on my contact page. Thanks for your help! I added your effect to the artist pics on my bio page
  12. @Alxfyv, thank you so much for your explanation. This code worked for me: <style> a img.thumb-image:hover { background-color: #ffffff; opacity: 0.6; } </style> The only problem is that the hover image that occurs is a color over the image. Is there a way I can insert a custom image when you hover over the original image?
  13. I've been really confused about how to enter in CSS. Does it need a 'style tag' or any other code preceding what you posted? Or can I just paste what you posted into the CSS of that page?
  14. The pages I would like rollover effects on are: BrysonPrice.com/music – rollover effect on album art BrysonPrice.com/contact – rollover effect under “Connect” images Thanks for your help!
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