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  1. How do I target a section 'sectionTheme' using custom css. I want to target: "sectionTheme": "light" within the: data-current-styles {}
  2. Ahhh of course. I guess I would have to either put the image in with code so I can add a class or reference the section. Thank you for that 🙂
  3. Hi team, Does anyone know how to make an image flow right to the edge of the canvas like this example: https://www.catchdesign.co.nz/about I'm referring to the first image. Cheers
  4. I try to always think in terms of what would be useful for potential clients. For smaller companies I imagine your point of difference is crucial as it may help them decide between you and the competition. Also if you have any values that are important to your customers or your process. I work very closely with several other key suppliers of for content writing, digital marketing, photography and video so I will present them as part of my network on the about page. That is a good point of difference for me as they are like staff but even better as they are dedicated professionals not just employees on the clock, they have skin in the game.
  5. I routinely peruse various design sites as I am design focused. https://www.siteinspire.com https://land-book.com http://www.awwwards.com https://httpster.net https://www.typewolf.com https://minimal.gallery
  6. Well considered Typography is a must, choose a good font pair. https://fontpair.co/ https://www.reliablepsd.com/ultimate-google-font-pairings/ Create a good hierarchy with your headings so you can easily guide users through the page. Lists are good to break up text and they make content scannable. Use coloured sections, don't go overboard though use light neutral colours that don't distract but create obvious sections and again help lead the user through the page. Don't be afraid of whitespace, if in doubt use more. Make some room for the content to breath. This is a big one for me and really helps users move through a page as it feels less crowded and messy. Here is a recent site I created for a Law firm which has minimal text https://www.jaglegal.co.nz/ https://www.jaglegal.co.nz/property-transactions Good luck 🙂
  7. They would like the links on the right side next to the About link
  8. Are you trying to use Proxima Nova? Try using this in your css: Font-family: "proxima-nova","Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif!important;
  9. Squarespace doesn't load the full font set and I don't think you can make it load the full set so you miss out on may characters like the ones you need. The only way to fix it is to inject code into the header that loads the full font set. You will also need your own Adobe fonts account or use Google fonts. Pretty huge issue for anyone wanting to use non english fonts. Not sure if they intend to fix this.
  10. I have a client who wants the social icons in a header on the right hand side. Love some ideas on how to do this. They also want a centred layout for the logo and navigation. This is the current layout but I need to correct it moving the Social icons next to 'About' Love to hear any suggestions 🙂
  11. If only I could add this into the excerpt somehow... Thank you though. It works well 🙂
  12. Site URL: https://water-pro.squarespace.com/ultraviolet-disinfection/uvlw-range-800-watt-amalgam Password: waterpro As you can see these product pages have way too much text. Does anyone know of a plugin or custom code that will add a 'Read more' toggle to reveal more text. Here is an example: https://www.rockshop.co.nz/shop/roland-dj808.html Or any other suggestions would be perfect. Cheers, Brent
  13. For those that are interested I have made a nice rollover effect for Gallery pages here: https://www.poladesign.co.nz/home-tst The code is simple as : .Index-gallery-item:hover a img { opacity: 0.4!important; }
  14. No I haven't. It sounds like a good idea. Do you have any specific code examples for this?
  15. Does anyone know how to create a hover effect similar to: https://www.fhoke.com/projects/ Either on individual images or images in a Gallery page set to packed. In fact any any good resources on doing custom image rollovers where the text appears would be fantastic. Cheers, Brent
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