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  1. Site URL: https://www.usabilityforeveryone.com/blog-content/2020/11/20/how-to-take-notes-during-user-research Hello, I have Bedford in 7.0. My blog posts are supposed to look like this with no banner at the top: https://www.usabilityforeveryone.com/blog-content/2020/8/25/3-non-ux-skills-every-user-researcher-needs My site seems to be pulling the image in my blog posts for Index pages, featured content, etc. which is fine. Today I made my first video post to my blog, with a video thumbnail, but my Blog index page will not pull an image. So, I added one to the Thumbnail for the post which adds it nicely to my Index page but makes a horrible huge banner which I don't want: https://www.usabilityforeveryone.com/blog-content/2020/11/20/how-to-take-notes-during-user-research Can I get rid of the banner on this post? Or is there another way to make an image show up on my Index page without using the page thumbnail, it should look like this: https://www.usabilityforeveryone.com/blog Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://www.usabilityforeveryone.com/blog-content/2019/5/23/how-to-plan-a-ux-research-study-with-free-template I am trying to remove the whole section at the bottom of all my blog posts that has links to the "newer" and "older" posts. I don't want to replace them with something else, I want to remove this all-together. I am using 7.0 with the Bedford template. TIA.
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