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  1. Thank you so much!! This did the trick.
  2. ARGH!!! Me again. That code also added a colored background to the top of my main page. The main product page should have an image all the way to the top.
  3. Just found this and it worked! body.collection-type-products .header .header-announcement-bar-wrapper { background: red;
  4. I'm having the same problem too. I'm wondering if the code provided was for 7.0. I'm working in 7.1. Here's the overview page: https://studio411salon.com/haircare and here's it product item page. https://studio411salon.com/haircare/p/alchemic-shampoo-chocolate. The only thing you can see is the drop shadow I had to add to make the type more readable. I would like to add a color to the background since the type and logo are white.
  5. I'm having the same issue and from what I can tell, it's either a SS bug or a feature they do not offer. If anyone has a work around, please advise. Thanks.
  6. Site URL: https://supercubesnew.squarespace.com/doors-and-door-accessories Nancy Whittlesey Today at 15:04 I've set up a page of products for my client. Note: they won't be purchased online—it's only to provide information and pricing. My problem is when someone clicks to the detail page, the breadcrumb gives the option of going back to the main DIY Kit Pricing page or the category page, Doors and Door Accessories. If they go to the category page the breadcrumb navigation says ALL and Doors and Door Accessories, which are essentially the same thing. That's confusing and I would like them to be able to get back to the main DIY Kit Pricing page. In the images I'm showing: 1) product landing page, 2) product detail page, 3) category page Thanks for your help!
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