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  1. @alxfyv I used your codes and created the button but you guessed right, I don't really like how it looks. Here's the link to my website http://nazlibinyildirim.com

    On the home page there is a Get in Touch button. I want my back to top button look like that one if possible. It's ok if they are not completely identical but I would at least prefer them to be consistent. Also is there a way to place it in the middle? It aligns to the left.


  2. Hi all. I wanna create a back to top button at the end of my home page which is an index made of 4 pages. I wanna add the button to the very bottom of course and I want it to take the viewer to the very top (again, of course).

    I asked for help from customercare but apparently since it requires some coding they cannot help with it much other than sending a sheet that is clear as mud and that sounds like brain surgery to me (yes, I am clueless about how to code).

    Can please someone help me with that by explaining it in plain everyday English? Thanks!

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