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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It worked like a charm! If you can tell me now, how to upload my default logo on the top right as an SVG i ´d be totally stunned :) But maybe I´d have to open another thread. Greetings! Alex
  2. Dear Squarespace Community! I fotgot to mention, that I use the ALEX Template. Any ideas how to solve my problem?
  3. Hey Folks, I tried a lot but I just can´t find the solution - I guess it could be very easy.Maybe you can help me out: I have an embedded squarespace blog on my page and use the "excerpt" function for teasing my guests. Apparently there ist this "Read More..." Button and I simply want to change the text into something else e.g. "Read the whole story...". How can I solve this? Greetings, Alex
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