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  1. @tuanphan Sure—it's https://www.gayleforman.com/
  2. Hey @tuanphan! Thanks so much for this guide. I just tried it and was able to get it to work, but the TikTok icon sits higher than the others. (See screenshot.) Is there a fix for this? I'm on 7.0, Brine. (I can share the URL at a later date if that's useful, but have to keep it under wraps until Thursday because there's some sensitive info on it.) Thanks!
  3. I have looked HIGH AND LOW for an automatic slider plugin that can feature an image/video (not just as a background), text, and a button. Attached is a mockup of what I need to achieve. Any suggestions? I am totally at my wits' end with this!
  4. @jewellsingletary I didn't, unfortunately. I'm hoping now with member options there may be a way to do it, but I haven't tried yet. Good luck!
  5. Hi, I have a prospective client who wants to sell a 30-day video rental; basically, she wants her customers to purchase access to individual video content for 30-day periods. Is there a way to set this up with Squarespace or with any integrations or other services? Thanks in advance for any guidance. I don't have much experience with ecommerce on Squarespace!
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