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  1. Same here. I contacted the customer service that, as always, replied with the useless phrases: "After looking into this, it appears that this is an issue our team is aware of on our end for Safari. We’ve noted this for our Design and Engineering teams to review, and they’ll use this feedback when implementing fixes and improvements in future releases.Please keep in mind that there are many moving parts we need to address before any changes are made, and we can't guarantee changes to this behaviour in the immediate future. That said, all feedback is reviewed and your continued input is alw
  2. Thank you very very much, Colin! It worked great!
  3. Hello. Since yesterday, a black background has appeared to me at the slideshow banner. So, when I load the page, a large black rectangle appears, in which the first image of the slideshow does fade. When I created the page and for the following days I never noticed this black rectangle. Only yesterday I noticed it. How can I manage the background color of the slideshow? nero.mov
  4. Hi. In the Brine template, can I add a scroll arrow to the banner slideshow?
  5. —Brine template I would like to know if it is possible to disable the Lightbox in a summary box (from a gallery) and, if possible, how to do it. I would like that for images that have no link indicated, there was no cursor mousehover nor Lightbox, while for images that have the link, there was the mouseover and the link working. Thanks for the help
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