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  1. @LEH I have been struggling with this all week! To hear you have been waiting a MONTH freaks me out. Like you, I always rave about Squarespace for designing websites and have built over 10 websites for clients over the past few years. I now am trying to launch a new site for my husband's business and am stuck in a never ending loop of horrible domain transfer service. I ended up buying a new domain with .net and forwarding my old two domains ( Preferred master domain = www.englishmajormusic.com & older domain attached to our GSuite = www.englishmajormusicllc.com) to the new one www.englishmajormusic.net. But don't know what to do for search results now - they are all jacked up. Luckily our LinkedIn company page is showing instead of the horrible "holding page" with waves that said site was under construction in the search results, but what a mess!!! Why on earth is this an "engineer" issue vs. an easy transfer like to and from another provider, like GoDaddy? @paul2009 - Do you have any thoughts about what's going on? I have actually done this from one Squarespace site to another transfer about a month ago for a client and it went live in less than 24 hours. Also - any thoughts on SEO (like should I submit my site for a spider crawl with the new .net address or wait for the .com)? We have magazines in mailboxes today that talk about our company and I just ache knowing that the search results suck and the experience is less than ideal. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Leah
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