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  1. Oh, thank you so much for getting back with me! This has been a problem for me for a long time. I figured it was just an issue with squarespace, so I've always just been aggravated... but excepting it as it was. Today, I had a post where it happened to 6/10 images. And I decided to look for an answer. To better explain the issue. I don't think it's a css problem or an image size problem. I upload images that are always larger than our post width. Our post width is 770px. And our images are usually around 1000px wide. If you look at this post (which is just a roundup of instagrammers)... http://www.theshelf.com/blogger-roundups/australian-bloggers The first 6 images are scaled down to exactly 720px wide. While the last 4 maintain the original dimensions of the image that was uploaded. Why would those first 6 get resized, while the last 4 are not? The last 4 fit beautifully at 100% the width of the post (770px)... while the rest of the images (the six that were scaled down to 720px) throw off the layout. For no reason other than the platform seems to just arbitrarily choose some images to scale, while leaving others untouched. Any help with this would be great!
  2. This has been seriously driving me crazy. CRAZY! I upload images that are the same exact size. Some of them get scaled to 800. Some to 720. Some to 680. It's driving me crazy. There's no rhyme or reason behind it. And I have no idea what to even do, short of taking them down and trying again... sometimes you have better luck on the third or fourth try. :) Ridiculous. If you figured out an answer to this question that you had back in 2013... I'd love to hear what you wound up doing. Thanks! It looks like Squarespace hasn't fixed it yet. Even though it's been a bug for a while now.
  3. I couldn’t get the tag manager to work when it was in the header. The code seemed to load, and I didn’t get an errors in my console when I stuck the GTM code in the header (or footer), but when I used the Tag Assistant (Google Chrome extension) it gave me an error that said my tag was detected, but it wasn’t in the correct place (which is right after the opening <body>). These instructions worked for me: How to inject the Google Tag Manager script into a Squarespace template with jQuery – hope that helps!
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