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  1. I never managed to find the settings for thumbnails myself. It sounds like you're trying to assign site styles for individual pages but my gut tells me that Squarespace's settings aren't stored and accessible through CSS. Those settings inform the CSS, though, so maybe there's a way to override all of the appropriate values. The first step would be to isolate a specific page, which results in a selector that looks like "#collection-12345". There's a Squarespace Collection/Block Identifier extension for Chrome that, when enabled, will show the IDs of various blocks and pages (you might nee
  2. Site URL: https://www.thislandisdigital.com/test-rectangles I've asked a less clear version of this question and wanted to try again with more clarity. The ideal solution would be flexible enough to be reapplied to achieve various similar arrangements. The immediate solution would strictly allow for the one requested arrangement. I am not amazing at CSS, so feel free to over-explain if you'd like. By default the Avenue template's indexes display a set of pages with identically proportioned thumbnails. In site styles, I can change the image ratio and every thumbnail will always occupy a
  3. Not quite, and I'd still be interested in having a more robust solution. Right now the overlay is actually behind the thumbnails, having been loaded onto the background. In order to display both at once, I'm forced to fade the selected thumbnail to show the image hidden behind it. An unintended benefit of this approach was an ability to consistently display legible text over the darkened thumbnails. What I had originally intended, however, was to place the overlay on top of the thumbnails, preserving the brightness and saturation of the thumbnail while giving me greater control over the r
  4. Any help on this one? I've tried looking into CSS grid tutorials and most of them either focus on text (which doesn't need perfect ratios so much) or on sites built from scratch. Modifying Squarespace for this purpose is clearly not ideal with so much of the structure unknown to me. I was able to extend the approach I was already using by rescaling the 2:1 images, but the clickable square around them remained the same size no matter how many divs I tried to resize. I've also messed with other approaches to creating the mixed grid shown in my last screenshot with no real success. If anyone
  5. Site URL: https://www.thislandisdigital.com/ Context: I've spent some time trying to apply a custom grid layout to my index so that I can highlight certain projects with double sized thumbnails. To do this I followed this tutorial which targets an index: gallery block from a different template rather than the standard index I have available in Avenue (not sure if the scaling is different because of this). I was able to successfully assign an area to each of the index thumbnails and arrange them the way I wanted using grid-template-areas with one main issue. Problem: The thumbnails are
  6. That gets the width of the page fairly well, though it doesn't reach the border lines as I'd hoped. I need to be able to repeat the pattern on multiple pages, too, and I can't parse your selectors enough to do that. Could you describe what that's pointing at on the page?
  7. Site URL: https://www.thislandisdigital.com/test-rectangles I've already located code to create a hover effect from a recent post (though it needs to be written for every single thumbnail). All of the tutorials and tips I've found so far replace one image with another, though, whereas I would like to overlay an image on top of the currently hovered thumbnail. The effect will basically place a border, some glowing vignette, and a few stylized notches as if looking through a camera. The test index I'm using can be found here. The image I'd like to overlay is here. My current ho
  8. Site URL: https://www.thislandisdigital.com/ Right now I have some code set up that assigns a background color to certain text blocks across my site to make them readable in the same way that the "Image Block: Card" element does. Unfortunately, when I try to apply that to pages like my "Home a Drone" page, it cuts out the spacers on the side. Including the spacers doesn't fix the problem either since they won't dynamically scale to match the height of the text block, instead leaving cutouts underneath them. In the example below, the height of the spacers doesn't match the height of the text
  9. Thanks! Question #2 I can't seem to find how to selectively change the color yet (though I'm having a better time inspecting the page right now). One text color doesn't really work on all of the thumbnails so I'd like to play with dark/light text depending on the thumbnails. Question #3 An alternative to the titles would be to swap out the thumbnail images when the mouse hovers. Any idea how I can go about doing this?
  10. Avenue has an option to include titles over each of those thumbnail images when the mouse hovers over them. I currently have it disabled ("Hide Index Thumb Titles") so only my manually created titles appear.
  11. Site URL: https://www.thislandisdigital.com/ So I'll just say I'm not great with CSS as it applies to Squarespace (so far). I generally understand a decent amount of the action code with the brackets but identifying the right subjects (#thisPiece .thatPart) has given me too much trouble to get much done. Extra explanation on those subjects would be appreciated. Question: How do I selectively hide or otherwise alter (color, animation) the thumbnail titles only for specific pages within an index? Context: My site, ThisLandisDigital.com, uses the Avenue template and a grid of thumbna
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