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  1. All this info is so great @brandon In case Squarespace is keeping an eye on this, the most annoying thing now for my client is that they will have to go from a Personal to a Business plan to allow for the JS customisation. Adding captions to galleries is free for a Personal pricing plan in 7.0 ... hopefully the captions will be also added as default for 7.1.
  2. Thanks @brandon - that's brilliant, worked perfectly for both. Great to give my client the option 🙂
  3. Thanks so much for all this info @brandon & others... Firstly I can't believe that there isn't currently a way to display image names and captions in 7.1 galleries. Particularly if these are being pitched at visual artists, designers, photographers et al who might want to explain their work. I love the idea of the Portfolio page with Galleries within and I really want to persist with 7.1 but I'm on a deadline and this is taking double the regular time, along with so many missing features that I'm used to. It's beginning to cost me and my client money. Tempted to re-start the site in 7.0 tbh. Also seeing SO much lag when I'm building, ever-spinning squarespace pinwheels, blank editing windows when trying to edit any page or section I've implemented the suggested JS / CSS above and it looks okay (thanks heaps!) will tweak styles once I get it working the way I want. My client has large descriptions - see the top right example with some lorem ipsum in the first screen shot. Which looks really crappy when over the image. It looks okay in the lightbox - see second example - with allowance for the whole para is there. (I'm not great at code here - so could use some help) Q1: Do you know how I can remove the caption from the Gallery sections and have it remain in the lightbox? Q2: What CSS change should I use I I want the captions centered rather than left aligned under the image? Q3: Would there be a way to style the Caption in the lightbox so that we see an Image Title, then a Description below or even in a Hover? Or am I just asking too much and should I wait til 7.1 galleries are improved? Thanks all 🙂 Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2...
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