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  1. This would have been an excellent fix, but Code Injection for some unfathomable reason, was made a premium feature available to only Business and Commerce plans. I agree with the points raised thus far and Squarespace needs to effect a timely remedy.
  2. I don't have any at this time, but would look into it and get back to you.
  3. Wanted to share that I was able to find an interim solution to removing unwanted fonts. I backed up the site styles to a JSON document, and used an editor to replace the extra fonts with the ones that I wanted shown throughout the site. Following that, I restored the edited file to the site. It worked to some extent.
  4. Thanks for the excellent tips. I would normally ensure that all of my images are as small as possible. You can use Tinyjpg (https://tinyjpg.com/) or Compressor.io (https://compressor.io/) to help with this. I tried your tip for removing unwanted fonts but not having any luck. Despite going through every setting, removing extra pages, I'm still seeing some loaded. Can you provide any additional guidance on this?
  5. We were noticing the same thing when reviewing the performance of our site. It would be interesting what the Squarespace team's thoughts are. If you can share, it would be great.
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