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  1. I took the approach of adding an 'overview' page as the first item in the folder. Then I added the following code into the Code Injection section of the advanced settings, to make clicks on that folder go to its first subpage instead. <script> var folders = document.querySelectorAll('.folder-collection > a'), folder_click = function () { var a = this.parentNode.querySelector('.subnav a'); window.location = a.href; }; Array.prototype.forEach.call(folders, function (folder) { folder.addEventListener('click', folder_click); }); </script> Also: the following snippet of CSS (pasted in the Custom CSS editor) will hide the first item in the folder, creating the impression that the folder itself is a page. .folder-collection .subnav ul > li:first-child { display: none !important; } This entire thing is a horrible workaround, but it works.
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