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  1. A thank you to Ryan Taylor Dejaegher in a fb squarespace customization group who got it working for me. Below is the code and the how to. Site it is on is https://alicey2k.com/ https://www.loom.com/share/f92fea1ea51146e8b501c0b43c5dd512?fbclid=IwAR3KDWEZ8o9bdJDSjPDGXHGbcMPsxSkawq25AM2GyStR3QEAsFJIUr9_uyg https://codepen.io/ryandejaegher/pen/xxGjzqr?fbclid=IwAR1AhpLthy94jr52uNQuvu1_f6fgaKsCxgFSdG1zE41Uk9df5PtSFwWA2p4
  2. I have a client that is looking to do that as well. Interested to see what recommendations there are out there.
  3. I have a client in Australia that is in the same situation and would love to know if there are different options.
  4. That worked! HUGE moment of gratitude for you!!! Client is needing a fast launch for an art gallery moving to ecommerce and this helps so much!
  5. I am trying to increase the logo size as well on a cover page (Open House) and tried the CSS hoping it would work but sadly it didn't. If someone has any idea it would be greatly appreciated. Template is Bedford. Site is not live as of this post. Page: https://harvey-authorized-dealer.squarespace.com/harvey-galleries Password: harvey Thanks in advance. - Leslie
  6. I have a client that needs to add Tik Tok as a social media link, but would like to have the Tik Tok social media icon instead of the generic link that appears when I add the handle in connected accounts. Any suggestions on how I might grant this wish? Leslie
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