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  1. This works for me! But now it's affecting other widgets on my site. 😞
  2. I need this as well. Actually, just a discount option for bulk on one item or category. For example, Buy 3 (of this item) for $25, 1 for $14.
  3. Site URL: https://www.resolutelabs.org/ Hey All! My client wants to have 2 buttons AND a burger menu. Attached is what I have so far... I just need one more button as a header element. Any ideas on how to add a second button next to Get in Touch? TIA! password: rlabs
  4. @creedon Thank you.... Here is one of the pages. https://completely-customized-puzzles.squarespace.com/shop/children Each category has its own description, but you'll notice my client wants to link to something in the description where it says "click here". Thanks!
  5. Yes, I would love the assistance. Thank you.
  6. Yes! I am comfortable adding HTML. What would that look like inside the descriptions? Thanks!
  7. @creedon Can I add a link inside of the urlCategoryDescriptionMappings? My client is asking for a word to be hyperlinked to another page or a url? Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://classic-rug-collection.squarespace.com/ I need to add social share icons under the Add to Cart buttons on in my clients store. I noticed this hasn't been added to 7.1, which I am using. I tried ShareThis, but the site needs to be live before it will work and my client wants to see everything before launching. Does anyone know of another plugin or code that can do this? TIA.
  9. I am starting to do some advertising for my web clients and myself. I would like to set up subdomains for the ads and I cannot figure out how to point a subdomain to an internal landing page. For example, I'd like to point specials.example.com to www.example.com/specials But I can only figure out how to point the subdomain to my homepage, which isn't helpful. I am using GoDaddy and Google domains for hosting the domains. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Anyone figure out how to center align the images?
  11. Hi all! I am having some CSS issues with Firefox. The page header on some of my pages seems to not load properly. I've tried to "Inspect" it on Firefox, but when I do, it fixes the problem. It looks to be the top padding. Specifically on this page and only in Firefox:https://plum-cymbals-f7jd.squarespace.com/community-relations PW: cnAnd yes, Ajax is already disabled. :) Is there a way to target only Firefox browsers or another way to write the code?
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