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  1. I am just having this issue too! In 7.0 you could see and edit the size of text without custom code but the option isn't there anymore - even though it says this: "sizes" Surely thats an error or a bug? I am trying to edit the size of the text on this page but having no joy: http://www.thevintageexchange.com/ The 'Coming Soon' Text
  2. Hey, I am looking to change a website over from a 7.0 to a 7.1 building experience. My issue is that I have a few blog posts which are performing quite well. Would this change mess up and erase them from google or if I make sure the links are the same will it be ok? Hope this makes sense! Chris
  3. I am trying to change the footer colour for a website I am making to white and to have black text but the only option appearing to edit the footer is "show site wide footer". Is this a bug that you can't edit the footer? I know with every other website I have made it always gives me the option to have different styles for the header and footer?
  4. Hey it all seems to be sorted now. I think it might have been a bug with 7.1? I am now having a different issue. There isn't an option to have the footer a separate colour from the main background? Any ideas? Here is the link to the website and password is playtherapy19 https://shineplaytherapy.squarespace.com/
  5. Hey I'm having an issue where I can no longer select to have the logo/branding centred for mobile view? Is this a 7.1 thing or do you now need code to do this? The template is Tremont. I am almost sure it was always in the design tab?
  6. Yes! Thank you so much, Colin! not all heroes wear capes 😂
  7. Hello, I remember a while back seeing a website or plugin potentially that allowed your clients to give you feedback on your website design. Like add marks ups etc Does anyone have an idea of what it could of been? Apologies for the lack of explanation. Chris
  8. Ah, thanks for this. It might be something to do with my iPad being the 11inch iPad pro. Even after requesting the mobile browser version it pops up with the desktop one. Strange!
  9. Using Safari. Here is a link to the website: https://eyewearopticians.squarespace.com Password is eyewear2019
  10. Hi, I am currently building a website and when showing the preview for tablet it has a hamburger style menu. When actually loading the site URL on my iPad it is showing up as the desktop version of the website with the menu very cramped. Is this a Squarespace issue or is this to do with the new iPad OS?
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