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Posts posted by CedricLor

  1. Hi @silvabokis, I noticed the bug, but this does not change anything.

    Half of my uploaded files are loaded and the other half appears to have been uploaded on their servers but does not load with the pages.

    From what I see, the files that are loaded are the no-framework Waypoints files while the JQuery Waypoints files do not load. They probably do not load because they cannot load the JQuery file, even this one is loaded...

    So feed up with Squarespace...

  2. Hi Rsimko

    Having the same issue as you, but more messie. Some of my files appear to have been uploaded and load on call. Other don't load, even they seem to have be uploaded. Very messy.

    Mario Campos, did you ever manage to have Waypoint up and running on Squarespace? I am desperately fighting but can't seem to find a way out.


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