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  1. https://crocodile-caterpillar-8tjk.squarespace.com/ pw: HiddenBallast2k20
  2. The site I'm building in 7.1 has no header nav items. It is only a logo and a call to action (CTA) button. On mobile, the hamburger menu leads to a blank menu with only the CTA button at the bottom. It doesn't match my color scheme. I want to get rid of the menu on mobile entirely. I want it to look like: [Logo] [CTA button] and not: [Logo] [=] with the = (the ugly hamburger menu) leading to a blank white non-matching menu with an easy-to-miss button at the bottom. I should be able to do this using built-in customization and without code, and if I can't, Squarespace that's a terrible look. What's the fix here?
  3. Bump, someone please answer this!
  4. Squarespace automatically removes spacers placed next to any other blocks on mobile, but I want to keep them on one particular page. I'm using the Clay template. Does someone have some code I can use in Custom CSS? I'm familiar with the "@media screen and (min-width: 640px)" bit and locating the id ("yui_" etc.), I just need the rest of it. Thanks in advance!
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