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    Createxconform reacted to RobPegurri in give trial on subscriptions   
    If you want, you can create a 100% automatic discount and limit it only for the first payment. That's possible.
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    Createxconform reacted to tuanphan in Move text or code block from "Additional Info" to "Product page description" product detail excerpt   
    Edit this code
    <script>$('section.ProductItem-details').html( $('section.ProductItem-additional').html() ); $('section.ProductItem-additional').html('');</script> to this
    <script> jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('.ProductItem .ProductItem-additional').insertAfter('.ProductItem-details-excerpt'); }); </script>
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    Createxconform reacted to GTMC in DO NOT switch to new email confirmation editor if you want to get thru the holidays   
    The new email confirmation editor that Squarespace will require their customers use by Jan. 7 adds text to email notifications that you cannot edit. Once you confirm switching to the new email confirmation editor, you can't go back to the old one + all of your old email confirmations are deleted and you have to start building new ones from scratch + text that you cannot edit or delete is added to email confirmations.  Our advice: if you have a squarespace  online store and want a chance to at least get thru the holidays, DO NOT SWITCH TO THE NEW EMAIL CONFIRMATION EDITOR. Even after the holidays, when squarespace will require that everyone switch to the new editor whether they like it or not, the limitations of the new editor are such that pick up orders are no longer an option.

    Among the many problems we have encountered with the new email confirmation editor (and squarespace has no fix for these other than to suggest that we field calls and emails one by one from customers who are confused and frustrated), the biggest issue so far is that pick up orders impossible, no matter whether you're selling pick up products as "products" or "services" ... customer notification emails either include un-editable & undeletable text that they'll be notified when their "pick up" order has shipped or that the business will contact them soon about the "service" they have ordered (which isn't a service but actual a pick up order). 

    After making the mistake of switching to the new email confirmation editor, we've had to take down our squarespace store. Support hasn't written back about any viable solutions, but based on squarespace's own support pages, there's no way to edit or delete the text that squarespace adds to confirmation emails and there's no way to switch back to the old email notification editor and there's no way to get existing email notification templates back again. In summary, it's 19 days before Christmas and our online store is down because of this update. We're looking for other online order service providers. If any one has suggestions that accommodate pick up + shipping + delivery orders and allows users to edit all the text that customers receive in confirmation emails, we're all ears. 
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    Createxconform reacted to paul2009 in Can I set my homepage to a different page for mobile only   
    Yes, there's a workaround you can add for this. The code below assumes that the mobile version of your home page has the URL 'mobile'. Add the following code to the Code Injection area of the desktop Home page (you'll find this on the page settings on the Advanced tab):
    <script> if (screen.width<760) {window.location="/mobile";} </script>

    UPDATEI've updated this answer to allow for devices with higher resolutions and to allow testing on browsers when the width has been reduced.

    Use the code below instead, adjusting the URL and the width (in pixels) to match your needs:

    <script> if (document.documentElement.clientWidth <760) { window.location = "/mobile"; } </script>
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    Createxconform reacted to Megalomaniac in How do I create hide/show section of an entire page of text, images and or galleries in Squarespace (spoiler function/accordian/collapse)?   
    I'm trying to reduce my individual portfolio project pages to a few main images and the rest of the page that may contain additional text, galleries or images, to essentially hide unless prompted by the viewer. call it an accordion or a spoiler function or collapse, not best with terminology.
    I started by looking at this thread, which has a simple and elegant approach for text only.http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/72321/how-do-i-create-hideshow-faqs-in-squarespace-collapsed-text
    This is great for those circumstances, but I need it to include galleries and images or the like.
    Does anyone know how this can be done or a variant of it that may also work?
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    Createxconform reacted to sarahcreates in Text and Button overlay on 7.1 Slideshow/Carousel section   
    Just an update to say I have managed this with the help of another Circle member.
    Solution so far:

    I inserted a new section below the slideshow section and inputted my title and button into that section.
    I then used:
    #block-ID for title, #block-id for button {z-index:99; position:relative; top:-400px;} Then I had a row of buttons in another section below the previous header image that I needed to move up into the now empty section space.
    #block-id for button, #block-id for button, #block-id for button {z-index:99; position:relative; top:-90px;} The only downside is that the new section which have the z-index applied has to maintain a specific height, and not be display:none which is restrictive. It does mean that my pinky button section is now much deeper than I had wanted it to be. If anyone knows how to reduce it and still maintain the above, I'd appreciate it!

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    Createxconform reacted to JefSteele in Membership Site recommendations   
    We've been on the same bus for months!  We've tried just about every platform and I can honestly say that none of them come close to what we need.  The most recent we've experimented with is MemberStack.  It worked the best out of all those we tried, but where we continue getting caught up (as I understand it) is SqSp does not support SSO.  So, using Memberstack, we can create a personalised member page and everything looks beautiful ... but if I want to integrate scheduling so that logged in member can schedule an appointment from their beautiful personalised page, they need to enter a whole lot of info into acuity (name, email etc) which should be able to be pulled from their MemberStack record.
    There's more than 15 pages of questions here in the past 6 months about how  best to create membership platforms in SqSp ... you'd think commercially they'd give it some serious thought.  We'd move this problem to another platform like shopify who through their app partners have nailed this, but we just love the SqSp aesthetic.  It's crazy!
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    Createxconform reacted to paul2009 in Membership Site recommendations   
    Original Post January 27, 2020:
    If it's any consolation @JefSteele we've been asking for this since 2012 when Squarespace 6 was launched. Some sites are still running Squarespace 5 because it had this feature! I really hope this will be a 2020 delivery.
    Update November 2020:
    It's here! Sell Memberships with Squarespace Member Areas
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    Createxconform reacted to tuanphan in Custom code to disable the product link (using 7.1)   
    @Claire_auck you mean featured products under "Inspired.  A personal collection by Greg Hollan" section?
    Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS
    /* Disable featured products link */ div#page-section-5d96929141d1861187650e7a .sqs-gallery-image-container { pointer-events: none; }  
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