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  1. Could you explain in more detail please. I have very basic knowledge of doing this type of editing. How do I make a code block? Thanks so much
  2. I have tried adding the code into the custom CSS but I cannot get anything to work, it is saying Syntax error. Can anyone give me clearer instruction on how to add expandable/ drop down text boxes? It would be a massive help.
  3. Hi there, I am wanting to know if you can add a full width coloured background strip behind a type block? I want to add strips of colour to divide the type like the grey strips in this site http://blussh.com.au/about/ that I know was created is Squarespace. I have very basic knowledge of editing code if this is how it needs to be done. Could I have instructions on how to do this? I am currently using the Five template. Thanks for your help,
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