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  1. Just seen this:https://status.squarespace.com/incidents/40r1b6f2zks5 apperntly this is large scale...hope this gets fixed asap
  2. My websites (three with squarespace, two important commerce sites) all suddenly went weird.Looks like none of the template code is loading - the page looks like a mishap from 1998 internet days. ferrum-d.comschmiedekurs.chschmiede-gentile.com those are three individual websites - none does load properly.Even inside the squarespace site manager, they show up as "blank" and within the editor the entire layouting is missing. This is extremly bad, as those are my main busienss pages. Anyone? Squarspace? help? please?
  3. Ah, I've solved it... the gallery needs to be at first place in the index, and then there's style settings to change it to a slideshow.
  4. HiI'm setting up a nother squarespace website... and have chosen the FOSTER template ...Now the background top banner is great for what I want to do, but I would love to have a rotation of 4-5 images as an automatic timed "slideshow".... instead of a single image... but can't figure out how to do this.
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