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  1. Site URL: http://www.yimthai.com.au/ I am using the Marquee template, and I have two "links" in my site navigation, which link to an external website in a new tab. It seems that my template automatically styles these links similar to a button, with a background colour behind them, and a smaller font. However, I can't find how I can change the styling of these links. I have searched the Design > Site Styles, and in the navigation there are only options to style the "page" navigation items, not the "links". Any help would be much appreciated – surely this can be done through
  2. Hi all, I was able to get someone who is great at coding to help me with this — it wasn't easy at all and took a lot of custom css to get it working. Yes the Montauk index is a grid layout, I had already tried that approach. Thanks for all your answers and help
  3. Hi @designhalffull, thank you for your answer. I have just tried this out all with the use of 2 x code blocks, however a problem arises as I want the background colour to be full width — ie. outside of the Page Content area. As I want text to sit side by side, I have had to use a table. This is what I have gotten to: http://www.rakoservices.com.au/home-duplicatepass: RAKO I am not sure how to get around the white space between the two code blocks, as well as getting the colour strip to expand to the edges of the white area. Thank you so much!
  4. I'm wanting to add a strip of colour behind some of my content on my site. I am trying to achieve this: My site currently looks like this: I have set up the main content using a combination of text blocks, spacers and markdown blocks. Any help would be much appreciated as I have no idea how to do this! Or if it is even possible with the Montauk template. Thank you in advanceNatalia
  5. Thanks @oemartinez, this worked perfectly! I used: mainNavWrapper { width: 3600px } and it seems to have worked. Thanks so much!
  6. Hello, As per this question: https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/34364/force-desktop-browser-to-use-the-hamburger-menumobile-navigation-drawer-instead-of-the-traditional-navigation-link-toolbar I would like to know the same thing, however I would like the three line "hamburger" menu to be default and remain at all browser/viewing sizes. I am using the Bryant template. If anybody has the answer to this it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Natalia
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