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  1. I have a solution that saves Events collections to ics and csv if you really need this for a big set of events, may discuss
  2. Why do you post me /checkout page link? Do you know it is Squarespace system page and we can't run any code there??
  3. Just always share a link to page - one look worth a hundreds words you typed there) As I see you pasted custom message to description not extension like it should be. Anyway, post a link
  4. @dlishbyjules You missed to include uploader script to Footer injections, don't you?
  5. @Callum84 not familiar with that one. What do you need achieve? better DM me
  6. I guess I may turn off loop, not a big problem
  7. Extension has all things in one box, but if you really need particular UI Tweaks (you need Tags and Categories editing looks better) - you @mpalmer may look at https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/squarespace-admin-ui-tweaks only
  8. @colin.irwin Content presets and layout copy in 1.0.56 opens in every area where editable blocks are. So Footers blocks, Prefooter, other SQS https://developers.squarespace.com/open-block-field should be able to copy. Same as Products Additional infos)) But yes, it will not copy such things while you cloning just page and block area connected with page (block has page id or item id), you will be needed to do this manually.
  9. No php as @colin.irwin said but sometimes your rental API allows to fetch things with just browser JS, also if your rental API allows to export to CSV or XML - it may also be an option to upload that file somewhere and fetch it. What about me - I prefer 2 way I described - you just hit the button and got articles generated in seconds (or minutes if many). And you do not need to think about search engines and metatags/JSON-LD generating because you have regular Squarespace blog articles, so things are already there (or additional may be added in the moment of generation article)
  10. That is not something Squarespace specific really, dynamic pages and content is as simple as fetch data, parse and append to page.
  11. 1) You could use built-in Squarespace functionality to Import Products from CSV. This will create a Products collection for you, people often do this 2) Second way is to use additional custom code and create Blog with some more logic, my cases: https://www.gi-escr.org/caselaw Articles created from Google Spreadsheet https://www.20ftradio.net/archive Articles created from Mixcloud feed https://www.mixcloud.com/20ftradio/ So I may code for you if it is really time consuming to create manually 3) And third way is pulling your content from your rental API (with jsonp or proxy server or what way it supports to fetch the data) and build page dynamically on frontend. But Squarespace is giving 404 for non-exist urls, so probably your urls will look like /property?url=my-property-url-there or something that way
  12. Yes, some other free (and paid) plugins may be adopted for Squarespace. Or you may take a look at my https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/advanced-map-block - ready-to-go with Squarespace
  13. We actually have Enhanced Map Block in this product. https://www.squarewebsites.org/squarespacewebsites-tools-extension-pro/ see Using Enhanced Map Block section.This month probably there will be a standalone version which works without extension.
  14. No, actually there is no posibility to make multiple markers map on Squarespace. You need to use google maps API for that. So you may continue use embed maps or if you are on developer account: Make custom collection for comfort using/adding new locations. You may use gallery or blog collection as base. All them have Location tab while editing - use it for your markers location Group it in index collection if needed Looping each item in your custom location.list you may will markers array Use GMaps API and you markers to build mapYou may get smth like :
  15. Try to follow my article Inserting Squarespace Search Block
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