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  1. Its a flag mockup. https://creativemarket.com/coloformia/1320725-Photorealistic-Flag-MockUp
  2. Thanks Tuan! I thought about using margin, but thought that referencing a block-yui was frowned upon? I also used .2em as my spacing (rather than 16px) on the possibility that it affected it proportionately. You are my hero, many thanks.
  3. Its only a SQSP site at the moment at the address noted: redeemer-np.squarespace.com (password redeemer)
  4. Hi there, I have a 'designer's' problem where the spacing is uneven in my header text. I have an H3 line, and H1 line and an H3 line and I want the spacing to be even, but I can't do this globally, or at least within the existing settings. the page is redeemer-np.squarespace.com (password:redeemer) I'd like to somehow raise the bottom H3 text up so its equal with the spacing of the h3 text above (or raise the upper H3 text up to match the lower!). Is there some operand similar to paragraph spacing that I could tweak, only for this header or page? Many thanks.
  5. Snap, me too. I'm also getting backlink reports from duplicate pages hosted on the SQSP built in domain. (These duplicates are also canonical) I messaged SQSP, hoping they have some option on this.
  6. Cue tumbleweed.... Update: I have used the built-in Google Analytics code with SQSP, and it has not effected site speed in the slightest. My Google tags still reference Google Analytics which may not be required, but I am able to put all the Google code for tag manager in the footer, which improves immediate page load speed.My next step is an audit of Google Tags to ensure there is no redundancy, and see if this shortens the request time of Google. Ironic that NOT using Google analytics significantly increases my Google ranking for speed! Also, live chat adds almost 2 seconds to my page load (and undetermined Mbs) - but hey, you have to weigh up the benefit/cost.
  7. Hi there,I'm wondering what is the minimum code I need for Google Analytics and Tag Manager. For speed, I would ideally defer any Java until the footer, but if I enter my account number in SQSP's native integration, do I still need the Tag manager code? And does SQSP's GA integration parse the Java optimally, therefore I should control it myself with footer code? I'm trying to streamline my code (especially the redundant!) so any help much appreciated.I'm currently using Google Tag to also fire AMP, hotjar and livechat, I just don't know how much code is needed with SQSP. Many thanks.
  8. Me too, although, I didn't want to affect all the summaries in my index, so I targeted the individual page within the index using the custom css section (rather than page header code injection): section#your-individual-page-url-here .summary-thumbnail-container, .summary-title-link {pointer-events: none !important; } Thanks @billthenerd - billthelegend!
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