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  1. It looks like I'm trying to vertically align the .sqs-gallery-design-stacked. So right now I have: .gallery-block { vertical-align: center; } I've managed to get it down a notch via margin-top: but that's extremely limiting. I'd like to get it to be completely vertically centered, regardless of resolution. But to no avail. Any ideas?
  2. Unfortunately no. The image seems to be pretty wide (though not full bleed), and it now leaves too much space between the header and footer. I'm trying to look into reducing that space, though I can't seem to figure out how to do that quite yet.
  3. Hello again @tuanphan ! The url is: https://maracas-wombat-mnrn.squarespace.com
  4. So I'm trying to have gallery/intro page of images that are full bleed, but vertically centered. Worst case scenario, I don't need them full bleed. Also would really love for the footer to stay at the bottom for every page. Every attempt I've made has failed at getting it to what I need. I've attached two images--the left one is what I'm stuck with, and the right one is what I'm trying to achieve. Can anyone make any suggestions? Much appreciated in advance.
  5. Thank you for this. It is definitely an option but it applies the color only to the body, but is there a way to apply it throughout every page within the index? This code only applies it to the body of one specific page. It doesn't show up in the rest of the page. Just curious.
  6. I'm trying to have different indexes and their pages to have different background colors. Through my searches I've found that a lot of users were using something like such for a 'Photo', and 'Motion' index as an example: #index-section-photo .index-item { background-color: #ffffff !important; } #index-section-motion .index-item { background-color: #222222 !important; } I didn't get any results in the Custom CSS panel. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?
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