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  1. So I emailed support and go this answer: You’ll want to use something like Google Developer Tools which would allow you to inspect the element of your page, which will allow you to view the HTML and CSS of the site. Using this method, you can then find the collection IDs that target the heading box you’re looking to remove or hide. You can then write up your own custom CSS to hide them in the Custom CSS Editor. Here is how I was able to find it: Right Click on the page, view page source About a 1/4 of the way down you will be able to see a list of your pages with the collection id listed. It works from any page and it will list each page and child in a list: [{"title":"Home","urlId":"info","typeName":"info","collectionId":"yourid","enabled":true,"collectionType":7},{"title":"Projects","urlId":"projects","typeName":"page","collectionId":"yourid","enabled":true,"collectionType":10},{"title":"Resources","urlId":"new-folder-1","typeName":"folders","collectionId":"54650fb6e4b07be73e333454","children":
  2. I have tried to find the collection id for each page by right clicking and looking at the source then searching for body id. I also tried to look in the url section for each page, then tried to go to the page I want to edit and looking at the url in the browser address bar. Where can I find the page/collection id to insert custom css for each page?
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