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  1. TreyT's post in How can I hide the 'Quantity Select' field on a product page? was marked as the answer   
    It looks like the answer offered hides the Add to Cart, and the Price as well. If you only want to hide the Quantity input field but keep all the rest, you can add this to the custom CSS editor:
    .product-quantity-input { display:none !important; }
    This will affect products site wide, so if you need this for only a specific product page, you can add this in style tags via the page header code injection:
    <style> .product-quantity-input { display:none !important; } </style>
  2. TreyT's post in Cover page images size was marked as the answer   
    Using images with a 3:2 or 4:3 ratio will work on most devices. You can use the focal points to target the most important parts of the image, so that it always centers on that area even when it crops. Avoid using images that have important parts of the image around the edges, as this may get cropped out on mobile.
    More about image best practices for Squarespace:
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