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  1. @Anderswaltz afirm to @nonesuch's suggestion, for subpages within the index page you need to add css to index>advanced (the index page which is acting as a parent and any code in the index advanced field will flow into the subpages) . Target the subpage using its data-url-id Example from my site, I am targeting two subpages from within the index page: <style> .parallax-item[data-url-id='mission'] div.title-desc-inner h1, .parallax-item[data-url-id='mission'] div.title-desc-inner p { display: none !important; } [data-url-id="summary"] h1.page-title, [data-url-id="summary"] .page-desc, [data-url-id="summary"] .page-desc a { color: #333 !important; } </style
  2. In Squarespace 7 you can change the size of Marquee social media icons within the footer content editing area. The sizes range from XS - XL and you can also rearrange the alignment from left, center and right.
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