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  1. Thank you again @paul2009! The customer support team pushed back when I asked for a pro-rated refund (when moving a site from one account to another due to a design refresh). I was pretty sure they had done this before for me quite a few times.
  2. Wow. Thank you @paul2009 - this was not offered as an option when I was working with the customer service team. I will use this workaround in the future and really appreciate the help. In your reply to the embedded post you wrote, "Good workaround Brad. I wasn't aware that non-Circle users could get a prorated refund." Does this mean that Circle users can get prorated refunds and I was just misinformed via a customer support chat? The workaround still feels like something Squarespace could yank at any point in time, maybe even for an unrelated reason without realizing that it would affect something Circle members rely on for refunds. If the Squarespace team is out there and reading this could you help with the question as well?
  3. Hi folks: I have a few clients with existing Squarespace sites that would like to redesign those sites. I've thought through most of what we would consider to be best practices and they are probably pretty obvious to you. Looking through the Circle forums, it seems like the best general advice is to spin up a new Squarespace site, build the redesign, and then cancel the old Squarespace site. My specific problem related to this post is with billing. I've done redesigns (Squarespace to Squarespace) before and have been given a partial refund for the unused amount on the old site. In fact, most of the advice I can find in the Circle forum states that partial refunds will be given when trying to redesign a Squarespace site using the "spin up a new site and replace the old one" method (the most recent post I could find was from 6 months ago via a Cirlce Leader). As of today, the support team is now saying that partial refunds will no longer be given for any site after 14 days. So what this means in practice is that if we redesign an existing Squarespace site for a client and that client has — for example — 6 months left on their current subscription, we will no longer be able to ask for a pro-rated refund on the old site when the new site is launched. Am I thinking through this correctly? Has the billing policy changed? Most importantly, are there suggestions you can provide that makes redesigning an existing Squarespace site less painful (beyond the obvious like using the site duplication feature)?
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