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  1. Site URL: http://joaoruas.com Hi, I am redesigning my website and everything was going well on both, mobile and desktop, until I checked it on my Ipad Pro. It looks awful there. The burger menu is out of place, and the navigation menu has no alignment at all. Also, there is no reason to have the mobile navigation on a 12.9 inch screen. Is there a way to disable the mobile header? I tried a couple of css options but they bring out more bugs than solutions. the website is http://joaoruas.com the pw is 777
  2. it seems I kind of solved the issue which was the scrollbar... I used html { overflow-y: scroll; } however, I have to say I would prefer to ignore the scrollbar width instead of leaving it there all the time... any ideas on how to do that?
  3. Site URL: http://joaoruas.com http://www.joaoruas.com pass: 777 I have this odd issue that when I click any section, the site shifts a few pixels to the right. just hit the "ABOUT" or any other section and you will see. I tried a bunch of things in css and nothing worked. I even deleted all the custom css and the problem persists. Can anyone help me please?
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